Day 5, The festival is over

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A bit random I thought but a horse and cart drove by and he even stopped so that Germaine could take a photograph of them
When I got back to the campsite my original intention was to plan but my friends were leaving at 11am so I stayed up and chatted to them until they had to go.

I then packed up my tent and everything into my bag and headed down to the beach to chill in the shade. I found Matt, Rhi and a load of other people I'd made friends with that week and sat and chilled and drank more beer with them. Although the festival was over we were still having a good time.

I chatted to another few people in that group that I'd met earlier in the week but never had a chance to talk to. I found out that a couple of them were staying in Novi Sad then heading to Belgrade the next day. This fitted in well with my plans, especially since all the buses were booked up for that day.

We had decided to just stay in the campsite as it was easy and cheap but our plans changed rapidly when some serbs came to loot the campsite, they were stealing bags from people that were still there so we decided to leave as soon as we could.

There ended up a group of 9 of us. I only knew Ben and Rosa who I'd been chatting to all day but was happy to make a load more friends. Fortunately we managed to get 6 places in a hostel and the other 3 managed to find some accomodation. The rooms in the hostel were lush, air conditioning which was like heaven, a comfy bed and a powerful shower. I love camping but it was good to get a night of comfort.

Ben and Rosa went to sleep and I went out to dinner with the others. I had another pizza, again it was very nice. We had walked into town and back again from the hostel so I got to know the girls pretty well and was starting to remember why I love travelling so much, it's so easy to meet people and make good friends. Back at the hostel we went straight to bed and slept like a log.
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A bit random I thought but a horse…
A bit random I thought but a hors…
Novi Sad
photo by: EmEm