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One of my friends slightly the worse for wear after the first night in the camp
My first impression of the festival was the sheer number of people. We got a bit crushed on the way in as they had some trouble with the barcode readers and eventually just let everyone in without checking tickets to avoid injury.

It was about a 30 minute walk up to the fortress from the campsite which became a little annoying but you only have to do it twice a day, once to get there at night and once to get home in the early hours of the morning.

The first thing we did was grab a bite to eat but then made our way towards the main stage for the Prodigy who were awesome as expected. There was a lot of people there because from what I can gather the Prodigy have some kind of cult status over there due to being the first or one of the first bands to play after the fall of milosevic.
Quite a lot of people out partying and the festival still hadn't started
I believe a few people were injured in the crowd due to crushing, I can quite believe this as there was some idiots in front of us jumping about with absolutely no regard for anyone else. This didn't detract from the awesomeness of the Prodigy though. They played all their top tunes and left everyone pretty satisfied.

The next band on were Groove Armada, I'm not sure why but they weren't quite what I expected and was a little disappointed with them until their last song which was obviously superstylin' and was pretty much the song I'd been waiting for all night so I left there with a smile on my face.

Next I went for a wander and discovered the fusion stage which although pretty awesome every time I went there I never spent a great deal of time there, I think it was Serbian DJs, obviously unknown to myself. I then made my way to the Dance arena and danced for a while to what I later found out to be Green Velvet and was excellent. Had never heard of him/them before but others said he/they were good. The crowd was a bit hard to navigate through so I headed back to the main stage and danced to the Stanton Warriors who again I hadn't heard of them but were amazing and kept me dancing on my own all night. They stayed on much later than they were scheduled to so I ended up leaving the festival at around 5:30am or 6am.
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One of the churches in Novi Sad
The days of the festival tend to blur together into one big long day so I'll no doubt get much of the events in the wrong order but I spent the earlier part of this day chilling out on the beach and drinking beer (a thing I also did every other day).

This day was a little different though as I went to meet a girl who I'd got in touch with through my manager at work. Ivana and her friend Milena took me around Novi Sad and explained what all the buildings were with some of their customs but religious and cultural. They took me into a church which would have been beautiful but there was scaffolding up inside to perform maintenance. They also explained a candle ritual in which you light a candle while thinking about a loved one and leave it burning in a special room of the church.
Another of the churches in Novi Sad, just on the main square
I have a picture of a similar set up from a small church in Belgrade that will be in a future blog entry. I started to notice that the Serbs have a lot of statues of famous dead guys. Poets, writers and politicians seem to be the most common.

This was also the first time I'd been in the town centre and found it very pretty, the buildings were all immaculately maintained and painted, a stark contrast to the concrete building outside of the town centre. There were a couple of very modern glass or mirrored buildings on the outskirts of the centre which although nice looked completely out of place.

They took me to the biggest park in Novi Sad which was gorgeous with a large pond, trees, flowers and plenty of grass space to lounge about in.
The main stage during Prodigy

I found out many things about the town that I was able to impress my friends with on later days.

One of the main features of Novi Sad, and in fact Serbia as a whole, is the abundance of cafe's, resaurants and bars which all come under the name cafe. We went to an Irish bar and I got first hand experience of one of their customs. Although I wanted to buy them drinks as a thank you, they see this as quite insulting, if the Serbs see themselves as the host then they take that obligation very seriously and will do anything they can for their guests.

i didn't take as many pictures around the town as I should have, something which I will have to rectify when I return next year.

The recommended I try a Serbian fast food joint called Foody Foody Foody, although I didn't try the one in Novi Sad, I did try it in Belgrade later and the food was fantastic and cheap and I would recommend anyone try it (unless you're a vegetarian, in which case possibly not such a good idea)

We walked around the entire town centre which is pedestrain which makes it all that much nicer I think. After we'd walked back in a big circle through a small shopping mall and past the sports centre we ended up back at the campsite again so we went for a drink near the beach and listened to some music from the beach stage.

The girls had to head home so I went to get ready for the festival by getting dressed and drinking more beer.
One of my friends slightly the wor…
One of my friends slightly the wo…
Quite a lot of people out partying…
Quite a lot of people out partyin…
One of the churches in Novi Sad
One of the churches in Novi Sad
Another of the churches in Novi Sa…
Another of the churches in Novi S…
The main stage during Prodigy
The main stage during Prodigy
The fusion stage, no idea who the …
The fusion stage, no idea who the…
Novi Sad
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