Is to pooh the last taboo?

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Toilets seem to me to be the last real taboo:

Even in this modern, information savy age, it's something that people still arent really comfortable talking about.

It's very rare to see someone actualy wiping their ass on TV. Nicole Kiddman did it in Eyes Wide Shut, but Stanley Kubrick was always pushing the limits, and she is an Aussie!

Do you fold or scrunch?

Wipe A to B, or B to A?

What do you call it?

Here is my list:
  • I've got some paperwork to attend to in the office
  • Gotta drop the kids off at the pool
  • Gotta hang a brown bear in a porcelain cave
  • I've got a big brown dog barking at the back door
  • Gotta do a winnie (the pooh)
  • Im touching cloth
  • I'm prairie dogging
  • i've got a turtles head popping out
  • im going to free Nelson Mandela
  • gotta give birth to a soccer player
  • gotta give birth to a politician
  • strangle a darkie
  • do a number 2
  • taking a stroll to the gravy bowl
  • lay a brick
  • sit on the throne
  • lay some cable
  • back one out
  • download some brownware
  • Sjvsdtta en barkbet
  • snap one off
  • put out an APB (named after the police term 'All Points Bulletin' for a serious crime, but here means 'After Pissed Bog') this is also known as a 'Lager Bomb' or 'Post Booze Grogan'

I hope I havent offended anyone, but im sure i've disgusted you all..

Just remember, it's something we all do... and why shouldnt we talk about it?

applewoman says:
Haha, original blog! :)
Posted on: Jan 05, 2011
ahtibat17 says:
This is hilarious... and the funny thing is, I was just talking about toilets around the world the other day. Unfortunately, I don't have photos of them!
Posted on: Aug 16, 2010
Sandy1 says:
Very innovative!! Super stuff :)
Just FYI the ones at Saudi and some parts of the gulf are unique. They have an additional installation called 'bidde'
Posted on: Feb 22, 2010
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