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Mom and Katie at the Meat Market... my mom's loving that ham loaf!!

Check out below for some information on the area and some web pages:

So today I woke up early...I hate waking up early...and I jumped in the car with my mom to go up to the Prime Outlets at Grove City for some ladies fun day of shopping...so men...you can scroll down to the bottom if you don't want to hear about this. 

Prime Outlets is located just outside of Grove City right off of I-79 going North from Pittsburgh and has over 140 stores.   This is about an  hour drive from either Pittsburgh or Erie, PA and a great place to go shopping (except for in the winter because it is in the snow belt and all the shops are outside).  Now I haven't been up here for a while...I would say in a little over a year.

The meat market
..and I knew there were new stores that were here.  My main goal for this shopping trip for myself was to get a new pair of pants for work and to go over to New Wilmington and get some Beef Jerkey for my friend in NYC this weekend... the beef jerky trip is going to be detailed below! 

Now I'm not going to bore you with stores that you may know of...and just an FYI Pittsburgh is behind on some of the shopping that other parts of the country have...so this is a place that has some nicer stuff closer...because even though you can find some of these stores in other malls near Pittsburgh with traffic it will take more time to get there than the outlets.  But some noted stores that you might like to check out are the House of Heinz.  This is a little cottage located near the food court and in it you will find everything Heinz.

The Iron Bridge Inn Restaurant
  You can get shirts, postcards, historical information, mugs, you name it they got it.  They have some unique items if you want to get someone something commemorative of Pittsburgh at a decent price.  Also at the Heinz store they have a snack called the chocolate covered pickle.  Now I know what you're thinking...ewww gross...right?  But this is actually pretty good.  It tastes like chocolate with a sour taste to it from the pickle...sort of like eating a sour patch kid covered in chocolate and not as much of a kick. 

The next store is for football lovers all together.  We have the Pittsburgh Steelers Sideline Store.  If you know someone who loves football and loves steelers or you do you have to check it out.  The store is full of everything you could ever want from socks, DVD's, games like monopoly and chess and historical memorabilia.

some cool log cabin!

Wendell August is a great place if you like engravings and they use many of the same tools and techniques that the Pennsylvania artisans used when they opened in 1923. You can find things here from platters, bookmarks, vases, picture frames, flute glasses, and jewelry.  All the products are made out of aluminum, bronze, pewter, copper, stainless steel and sterling silver.


Next up my mom and I parted ways from my aunts and cousin.  We went to meet my friend from college, Katie, to go to the Meat Market so I can pick up some Beef Jerky as a gift for my friend in Brooklyn...apparently you can't buy decent Jerky near NYC...so I always try to surpise her with some...and get her some home made Jerky...so far it was amish from lancaster, some from Punxy when I went to Groundhogs day...and now from Whiting's Meat Market. 

Whiting's meat market...if you want to go...is located at 305 Easy Street in New Wilmington, PA 16142.  It is an interesting area and the only thing I could associate it with before I got there was the Brady Bunch...you know how Alice's boyfriend Sam the butcher owned a Butcher Shop...yeah and the owner of the Meat Market's name is Sam...sort of funny.  But I found out about this place from my friend Katie.  I was talking to her about how I have to find some good jerky and she told me about this place.  She knows about it because her husband sells his raised pigs to Sam for slaughtering.  So we go and get Katie...head out there and drive up to the small dirt road that it's located on.  We get inside and everybody is there to pick up their meat for dinner.  I look at the Jerky and pick out what I want.  But my mom was so hungry that she bought 2 t-bone steaks, a pound of ribs, 3 different styles of bbq sauce, 3 ham loaves, bacon and kielbasi!  So I am set for the next month on my meats!!  We bought so much and needed to be able to survive the drive home that we headed down to the dollar general to pick up some sort of cooler.  And let me just tell you that before today I have never seen so many amish in my life.  They were everywhere...and we got stuck behind amish buggy's alot...and apparently their favorite store is the dollar general because everything's cheap. 

We get our cooler and go back to Katies and head off...but since my mom was starving we decided to eat..especially since we have the meat on ice.  So we head down to the local favorite on route 19 called the Iron Bridge Inn.  The Iron Bridge in has been around since 1979 and are known for their home made foods and of course beer.  This is one of my mom's favorite places to go because they have their homemade potato chips and dips.  The chips are not oily like bagged chips and you can tell they are made freshly from whole potatoes.  Their coleslaw is one of the best coleslaws I have ever had...it is home made a long with a lot of their other food...it's not mass produced!!!  This is a very laid back restaurant where you can go in and not be pushed out.  The staff is friendly and the food is good.  As my mom said this place is out of key for us "city folks".  We are used to getting in...scarfing down our food...and getting out so the next group of people can do the same thing.  Here if you are there for an hour you are there for a short amount of time!


Prime Outlets


Borders Book Store
Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows...Join us for our Party at our Tent Sale to celebrate the release of... the last Harry Potter book!
*Party is from 9PM (Friday, 7/20) - 1AM (Saturday, 7/21) with refreshments, a costume contest and games.
*Tent Sale will end Sunday, 7/22, at 7:00 PM
Harry Potter Book #7 will be available at 12:01 AM Saturday, 7/21, at our Store in Suite #1245.
Call Borders 724-748-4739 for additional information.

(I don't like Harry Potter but I'm sure someone reading this might)


Wendell August Forge



Whiting's Meat Market



Iron Bridge Inn






Aditu says:
MMNNN the Iron Bridge, I love that place! I like that Elephant and Castle Pub right by the outlets to, just becasue they have killer shepard's pie. And let me just say that I the super nerd will be at the Borders at the Pgh Mills for the Harry Potter book party, I'm pre-orderd baby!! :)
Posted on: Jul 19, 2007
diisha392 says:
Another great thing about the Outlets for Ohioans at least is the fact that there is no tax on clothing in PA. Therefore, my family made at least one trip up there every year before the school year began...
Posted on: Jul 18, 2007
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Mom and Katie at the Meat Market..…
Mom and Katie at the Meat Market.…
The meat market
The meat market
The Iron Bridge Inn Restaurant
The Iron Bridge Inn Restaurant
some cool log cabin!
some cool log cabin!
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