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Originally posted Saturday, October 14, 2006 on MySpace

I apologise for not wishin' y'all a happy Friday the 13th.  I hope the day went well for you. 

I was reading throught all the bullentins, and in one of the survey ones that
Kris passed on she mentioned the Scissor Sisters; they are on the radio all the time.  Pretty much anything mainstream on the radio in the States is also played on the radio here.  You can listen to 94.7 Highveld online.  Oh, and Jay-Z and Rhianna are doin' a concert at the Coca-Cola Arena down in Johannesburg.

Anyways, yesterday Ahsan had a half day at the training site.  He needed to go to the bank/currency exchange to change his American dollars for South African rands, so we walked to the mall.  I finally learned how to read the currency exchange chart.  I never really understood it; after all we don't walk down the street
(or go to the mall), and see currency exchange postings.  Walking to the mall was a good thing... got exercise, did as the locals did, walked by a bum on a bench (and didn't notice him), and went to KFC (just for ice cream).  That was one hell of a walk though.  The distance wasn't the issue... It was the unevenness of the path.  Whatever, it was a nice change of pace, nonetheless.

Today we went to the Rhino & Lion Park and the Wonder Cave (which is within the park).  It was way better than the Lion Park.  It was bigger, more animals, more encounters, more baby animals, and was actually cheaper than last Saturday's trip.  There we saw four of Africa's Big 5:  Lion, Rhino, Buffalo, and Cheetah.  The only one missing was the Elephant.  In hindsight I'm bummed that the Lion Park was lacking in comparison to the Rhino & Lion Park..... I would have had another day to go to the Elephant Sanctuary.  I wanted to ride an elephant!  Anyway, at the Rhino & Lion Park I did get to play with more lion cubs (these one's were even smaller.... 2.5 months old) and I got to pet Eddie, the 6 month old cheetah!  I inquired about the tiger cubs (Siberians), but the handler says they're too big to be handled anymore.  Geez.... they were ony as big as me.

Tomorrow we are goin' down into Johannesburg and then further south to Soweto for the day.  I still want to go to the Elephant Sanctuary..... The problem is the tour minimum is two people.  All the guests at the B&B are engineers doing the same training program Ahsan is doing, thus there's no one to buddy up with during the day.  Who knows... maybe someone else will arrive in the next day or so.

Tonight we had pizza for dinner.  It was Mozambique Chicken with a cheese & jalapeƱo stuffed crust.


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