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Originally posted Thursday, October 12, 2006 on MySpace

The last few days have been quite uneventful from a travel stand point.  As I said before gettin' around the place is pretty expensive.  At the moment I'm lookin' at car rentals to see what I might be able to get.  The 'net is actin' kinda funny today..... timing out a lot.  I'm sure it's a sign of some sort.

Avis only has manual drive vehicles over the next few days.  That's the other problem with renting a vehicle in a foreign country is the limited availability of automatics.  Yeah, I could get a manual drive, but I've only driven one less than 5 times...... Driving on the left side of the road with a stick shift would be a tad too much for me.  Although, renting a car would be a good way for me to practice driving a stick, lol!

Goin' back to my uneventful days..... Just chillin' at the B&B.

MONDAY:  I spent about 5 hours outside.  I was reading through my book; at times I'd doze off.  This is usually how I read.  I'm not one of those people that becomes wide awake as I read.  Yes, the book I have posted on my profile is the one I'm reading.  I think I had read ~60 pages, and Monday I got to page 204.  I still have over 100 pages to read before I'm done.

TUESDAY:  Spent the day indoors flippin' through my life-span development textbook.  I have a critical thinking paper due on the 21st.  I need to find a topic.  I like the idea of of handedness and cognitive development.  The problem is there is only one page in the text about handedness.  The paper is to have 3 section:  review of my 3 sources, comparison of my sources to the text, and my opinion.  The one page doesn't provide much for comparison.  Plus, I found a lot of stuff about ambidextrous and left-handed people to be brain damaged, retarded, mentally ill, etc.  I think that's a bunch of crap.  So, I might just do language acquisition.  Did you know that up to age 7 months, babies are the true universial linguists?  By age 1 year, the ability to distinguish various sounds from most languages is gone.  This is why many Orientals have a are time with English as a secondary language. The ability to distinguish "r" and "l" is lost before they even really speaking their first language.

Also, on Tuesday Dishka the cat stated with me all day.  She followed me up after breakfast, and didn't leave until someone kicked her out.  Thus at times I'd stop from my studies to play with her using a shoelace.

For dinner we ordered pizza.  We've been having food delivered from Taj Mahal, an Indian restaurant.  We couldn't find our food; we assumed the other guy havin' food delivered may have taken in the whole delivery.  Anyway, we had chicken tikka pizza and cinnamon chocolate scoot-o's.  Scoot-O's are like those bread options you have at Domino's.  Here the options are cheesy scoot-o's and the cinnamon chocolate ones.  Should we order pizza again, we're gettin' the cheesy ones next time.

WEDNESDAY:  Part of my day was outside, but the whole day was spent screwing around online.  I did upload the pictures from my camera phone, and up to Flickr.  This is pretty amazing.  Then I spent way too much time reading through bulletins, aka junk.  When I was in the room, I left the door open..... Yes, hoping the cat would show up.  Dishka didn't disappoint; she showed up around 5pm.  She hung out in the room until Ahsan and me went to bed.  During this time I tried to feed her things.  She did eat some shortbread cookies and wanted to eat some chocolate coconut clusters.  At one point Dishka bit my wrist.  I still have teeth marks, and my wrist is sore.  I think Dishka doesn't receive enough attention overall, so when she plays, she's a bit rough.  She bit me much harder than the lion cub did who wasn't in the mood for visitors.  That tells me she wasn't handled enough or boundries were never set.  Hell, Patch doesn't bit his teeth in me like Dishka does.

Today is now Thursday, and I'm debating on workin' on the schedule (yes, as in job work) or workin' on my paper.  I think I might focus on my paper to get it out of the way.  I still need to see how many availabilities I did end up with, and see if Ahsan can get them printed out.  It's easier to have them printed than to jump between tabs and windows. 

It's almost noon.  Alicia, the cleaning lady, will be here soon to tidy up the room.  She prefers that I'm not here.  Ahsan should be bringing me cookies and soda for lunch.  Aren't I lucky?

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