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Originally posted Tuesday, March 14, 2006

First, to my sister.... If we never spoke to strangers, we'd never make any friends.

As I previously stated, on Monday morning the azaan woke me up, but the toilet kept me awake.  When the azaan began, I tried to go back to sleep.  My bladder decided it was a go time to be emptied, and I decided to agree.  Got back to bed and the toilet would not stop running.  Irritating.  I got out of bed and hit the flusher again, thinking that would help settle it down.  It seemed to, but then it started again.  I hit the flusher again; same thing occurred.  I called downstairs.  The guy comes up, and tries flushing it.  Seemed like it was going to stop.  However, it started running again, and the guy came up and just turned the water off.  By this time I was awake and irritated.  I called my mom since it was like 9:30 pm or so back in Tucson.

I yakked with my mom for awhile.  Then I showered and got out the door.  I was headed to the bank to pick up the money that Ahsan sent me Western Union.  What I thought would be an easy affair since I had my passport back from the hotel, became a difficult task.  Because my passport has my middle name, and the wire that Ahsan sent did not, the bank wouldn't give me money.  Bastards!  I called Ahsan, he went back to Western Union to have my middle name changed.  Meanwhile, I went back to the hotel for breakfast.  It seems I was the only guest as the woman had a plate made for me on the table next to my room.  She even put tomatoes on my plate.... I hate tomatoes.  I ate them anyway.

I went back to the bank, and still no dice because the name change hadn,t processed through.  Then I thought about trying another bank.  That bank was good.... They gave me my freaking money!  It only took me all morning to get that money.

So I went on my way..... I went to Topkapi Palace including the harem tour.  I expected two days for the palace, but I was done in 3.5 hours.  I don't know if the professor who said two days, counted the archeological museum with that or if it took him two days because he had access to other parts of the palace for scholastic reasons.  After I finished at Topkapi, I came back to the hotel.  I was tired (yet, I did manage to type up that long blog).

Today is a new day.  It has been rainning since morning.  Not only rain, but really windy.  I went out even though I have no umbrella and no raincoat.  I made my way to the archeological museum.  I spent a few hours there.  I then decided to wander around the streets (crazy since I was freezing my ass off).  I went to McDonald's.  Another local was trying to pick up on me.  Erk!  He bought me a Sprite, exchanged small talk, and he wanted me to hang out with him.  I told him I had woken up at 3:30 this morning (which I did since I went to bed at 8:30 last night), and that I was going to my hotel to nap.  Not entirely true of course since I'm typing currently.  I was tired of wandering around the streets of Sultanahmet in almost freezing rain and high velocity winds.  Plus, he started referring to me as his American girlfriend.  Right....

Let's see, I've been doing some thinking.  I might leave Istanbul tomorrow or within the next few days.  My original plan was to just go back to London.  There's tons to do there after all.  However, my mom suggested I stop in Zürich for a few days since I'm flying through there anyway.  Pretty smart my mom is.  If I can find an earlier flight out of Istanbul, I might just spend the remainder of my Istanbul time in Zürich.  Or maybe I'll still head back to London early.  I don't know..... I need to call Swiss International Air to determine what my options are. 

And now I should end.  I'm in a drafty area, and the wind is blowing toward me.  I'm cold..... And it'll rainning.  I hope it clears up before I go out for dinner.  Meanwhile, I'm going to get under the covers and listen to the mid-afternoon azaans, which have started.

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photo by: Memo