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Originally posted Thursday, March 16, 2006 on MySpace

So at 1:23 Istanbul time I received a call on my cell phone.  Naturally I was asleep, but it did wake me up.  I checked the voice mail, which I had two of them, and the later one was from T-Mobile.  They asked that I call about my usage.  I was planning to go back to sleep, but couldn't.  I attempted to call them...... They suspended service.  What the fuck?  They ask me to call and they suspend my service before I can do so?  I get online to view the charges..... We'll just say that most of calls I made were when I was really upset.... upset about being left alone in Istanbul and then the events of my first day out.  I had also told Ahsan that my phone bill would be $1,000 by the end of my trip.  He said he'd pay it as a sort of "asshole tax".  Unfortunately, my calling frenzy Saturday night has caused me to exceeded the $1,000 I predicted.  So my phone service has been canned, and I cannot even call T-Mobile like they asked.  My mom called hours ago when I was sleeping, and I won,t be able to call her until I go out and find a calling card to buy.

Gawd, this trip is the worst or at the very least in the same catagory as my trip to L.A. in 2002.  On that trip I fell asleep on Venice Beach the first day and got the worst sunburn of my life.  I was still forming blisters a week out, my legs were so swollen that it looked as though my skin was pulling apart behind my knees, and today I still have patchy odd sensations on my back occassionally. 

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photo by: Memo