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Originally posted Thursday, March 09, 2006  on MySpace

To begin.... I cannot get into my Gmail account.  I was only able to once, which was good considerin' I needed to send the payroll spreadsheet to the person who's gonna be doin' it in my absence.  It's just as well that I can't get into it.  Scribes were tryin' to make changes, and it was irkin' me a little to see that. 

Today I went to the Imperial War Museum.  I had mentioned to my sister that I was plannin' to go, mainly for the Holocaust Exhibit.  She had heard the museum was good.  After seein' the exhibit, my plan was to go to the Victoria and Albert Museum.  I ended up spendin' the day at the war museum.  There were a bunch of school kids on field trips at the museum, so I opted to go to the Crimes against humanity: an exploration of genocide and ethnic violence gallery because kids weren't allowed into it.  It touched on a variety of peoples who were subjected to abuses.  While the exhibit covered a broad look at genocide, some situations more so than others, I was surprised that it failed to acknowledge the gencocide of the indigenous peoples of the Americas, except for the comment about the Mayans of southern Mexico. 

The Holocaust exhibit was pretty indepth about what happened, also including the fact that while Jews were the primary target, other groups were undesirable.  One thing that came to mind while walkin' through the exhibit was people who state the Holocaust didn't happen.  It bugs me that there are people in the world that say the Holocaust is a scam by the Western block.  What the fuck?  How could the West continue to perpetrate the story over decades?  Additionally, why would the West want to make up such a story.... it's huge and it's disgusting.  The other great exhibit is The Children's War .  This exhibit chronicles WWII through the eyes of the children of Britain.  Displayed are letters, quotes, toys and family photos of children affected by the war. 

Anyway, it's 9:30 pm here, I'm exhausted.... dosing off as I type.  Just as well because I have to be awake early to catch my flight to Istanbul.

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