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Originally posted Wednesday, March 08, 2006 on MySpace

Okay, not London exactly as my sister lives in Northwood, out on the northwestern fringe of the London area.  For those of you familiar with the Tucson area, the best way to describe the relationship between Central London and Northwood is to tell you to think of Avra Valley in relation to downtown Tucson.  However, it's easy to get to the city proper from my sister's place, walk to the tube station, hop the tube, and your off.  Pretty sweet if you ask me.

My flight from Tucson was delayed 40 minutes because the inbound flight from Chicago O'Hare was delayed.  Some silliness about patchy fog.  The airline people said I shouldn't have a problem makin' my connection.  I didn't, but I was a little anxious as we didn't land at O'Hare until 4:25 and my connecting flight was to start boarding at 4:30.  There was some delays, so it wasn't a big deal.  I was starving when I got to Chicago.  In the food court near my gate I smelled Cinnabon.  I got myself a Pecanbon. 

The flight was awesome, despite the fact it was American Airlines.  The plane wasn't full, thus more room to move around in.  I was flippin' through the in-flight entertainment listings, and saw Garam Masala which made me happy until I also read that was bein' shown on flights from the UK to India.  One of the movie choices was National Treausre and I can't remember the other one.  Didn't watch either.  Instead I watched the various CBS loops they had.  I also read through a magazine.  I really should have bought a book to read durin' my travels.... a perfect opportunity for literary pursuits, and I've missed it.

My sister ended up fetchin' me from Heathrow.  The original plan was for me to make my way to the Ruislip tube station, and pick me up from there.  I expected to be well on my way to her hourse by the time she finished at the gym, but I wasn't.  I would have been had we not had to stay trapped on the place for 40 minutes because the gate we were supposed to dock at had some other plane.  Oh yeah, and the mornin' was awesome..... damp, overcast and chilly.  A drastic change from Tucson (even though my mom says it's chilly, overcast and expecting rain back home).  Anyway, I was glad my sister came and got me.  I was feelin' a bit flushed and my feet were so edemenous.  I hadn't been feelin' well before leaving; I think it was sinusitis though.  Anyway, it was good that I decided to pit stop in London.  I don't think I could handled a few more hours on a plane. 

Back to my sister's place we went.  Talked for a bit after that, and then I went to bed for a few hours.  I didn't want to wake up.

My sister also went to bed after me (sounds like just before I woke up), and now she's at work.  I'm alone..... All by myself in a strange place.  Okay, not really strange.  I called my mom, chatted a bit.  Then I decided to go to the grocery store.  While walkin' to the store, I was debatin' food options as I was hungry.  I could go to Maharajah, an Indian restaurant, or Ask, an Italian place (my sis says they have really good desserts).  Regardless, I needed snacks and had to go to the store before they closed.  In addition to buyin' two bags of Walker's crisps (salt & vinegar and cheese & onion), I also bought refrigerated Indian food.  How lame is that..... ?  I walk right by the Indian restaurant, and I decide to buy store bought Indian.  I bought tikka masala, pilau rice, bombay potatoes, and an Indian snack pack (samosas, spinich pakoras and onion bhajis).  And on that note..... I'm gonna go eat my food, and then probably go to bed.  I have a busy day planned for myself tomorow: Imperial War Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and possibly a theatre night.

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photo by: seza_smiley