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It 1.00pm in the afternoon and I have 10 hours to kill!!

It going to be a long day!!

It was a long day.  Forked up the US$56.00 (why do we charge Chilenos so much to visit Australia - reciprocal charge) to have a look around and ventured out into the city.  Ran the gauntlet of Taxi Drivers who really try and rip you off. One of them wanted to charge me 70,00pesos(US$140.00) for 5 hours entertainment around the city.  Managed to talk one down to 30,000pesos and we headed into downtown.  I had been their before so there wasn't much new for me to see.  But I hit the central market for lunch and enjoyed some great seafood and a few beers.  The driver was okay though no english skills.   Had a few laughs as he took me about and we tried to understand each other.  Saw the big virgin Mary statue that's one big Virgen Mary statue(apologies to the religious),  the cathedral, the Presidents house , the Parliament and the bar nightclub area.  The driver insisted I have another beer before we headed back to the airport I hate that sort of pressure. 

Being Friday evening traffic was crazy and I was super tired by this time - almost falling asleep in the taxi

Got back to Airport 7.30pm Once at airport pay more tax which my travel agent had noted added into my ticket.  Must check that out when I get back but it is hard to argue with the suddenly Spanish speaking customer service officer when you want to leave the country.

Get to lounge where I crash out listening to HP book on my MP3 player (thank you Hamish) as I waited 3 more hours for my final flight to Sao Paolo. 

Flight takes off at 12.30 and and three 1/2hours l  ater I am in Sao Paolo.  Make way through customs are met by some volunteers awho are superhelpful and finally get to Hotel around 6.00am.  About 35 Hours after I left Melbourne.  Ah we certainly do live in the greatest country on the planet for sure it just also happens to be the farthest from anywhere else on the planet as well!! 

Its timeto go into Management mode and bribe locals with souvenir Koalas to try and get my way!!

kingar says:
Hey Rob,
What kind of flight where you on???? It's only the 27th here in sunny melb...hehehe.
Posted on: Jul 26, 2007
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