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Maybe because I've always been a big nerd, maybe because I've always wanted to travel the world (Even when I couldn't), Epcot has always been my favorite theme park. Ever. My love of all things furry makes Animal Kingdom a close second, but Epcot is definitely my favorite. I even worked there for a couple of years! First as a photographer, then taking surveys, even when I had to stand under the hot, disgusting Florida heat for hours and deal with crabby, rude and outright bitter people (geusts and staff included), it was still my favorite park. There's people from all over the country and all over the world working there, it's much bigger and less crowded than other theme parks, there's just a general more relaxed and adult-oriented atmosphere.
And of course, the lovely Flower and Garden show makes the park absolutely stunning every year, and every year they come up with a new and more amazing theme! It's the absolute perfect place for people watching with coffee and a croissant, window shopping (from kitschy Mickey Mouse trinkets to stunning traditional crafts from all over the world), taking pictures of everything without looking out of place, and even sneaking in a thrill ride all in one after-noon. It doesn't matter who you are or what you wear, cause you see everything from goofy looking hats to people dressed to the nines.

But of course, the best reason to love Epcot (because I'm a fatso that LOVES to eat) can be summed up into 4 simple, beautiful words: Food and Wine Festival.
Flower and Garden Festival
Ahh... for a fabulous month in September/October there are stands from nearly every major culinary culture serving little bits of tasty food and alcohol. I used to go with friends every year since I was 17 or 18. We would save our sorry pennies, and it was a HUGE splurge for us, but man was it fun! We called it "eating around the world," then when we were old enough, "drinking around the world." What's not to like about that?! We would measure our success by marking the booths we got food at on the map and counting the laps around the park we made. And to put the cherry on top, you could buy little recipe books for beaucoup cheap that included nearly all the dishes featured at the festival. It's the first time I tried and fell in love with stuff like dan-dan noodles, soup a grenouille, pavlovas, colcannon, stewed in curry, perogies... and what has become a biweekly staple in my tiny studio kitchen: yakisoba.

While of course the real Eiffel tower and real Mayan ruins have no substitute, I always enjoy going back to Epcot when I visit home. Whether it's people watching with my dad, sharing some baklava with my little brother while we plot what ride to go on next (wait, I thought we were supposed to be adults!), or arguing with my mom about which French perfume smells better. I've had many, many good memories there!
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Flower and Garden Festival
Flower and Garden Festival
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