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Wow, what a day that was!

For those of you who still don't know, I've just had the most intense 24 hours of my (recent) life! I arrived in Minneapolis barely two days ago, and was suddenly sucked in a whirlpool of tragic events in which I ended up being involved closely through the lens of my camera.

I am giving for granted that you all are aware of what happened in Minneapolis yesterday (Wednesday, August 1) at about 6pm local time...A bridge that carried a busy, eight-lane highway collapsed into the Mississippi River, bringing down with it several cars, trucks and also a schoolbus.

At the time, I was lucky enough — journalistically speaking — to be sitting on the 'al fresco' terrace of a nearby bar, sipping a happy-hour bottle of Stella, when the tragedy happened.

From my entry on NEED Magazine's blog:

I immediately got onto my bike, and rode to a nearby bridge where I saw the scene as it appeared just a few minutes after the shocking event. But | felt I wasn't close enough, so, doing my best to find my way in a city that is completely new to me, I finally got to a better vantage point, the bridge on 10th Avenue, right next to the fallen one.

The area was already cordoned off by Police and swarming with onlookers, but I managed to negotiate a good spot from which I started shooting as many pictures as I could, and also a few videos.

The adrenaline was high and kept me going — until late into the night as a matter of fact — but every now and then I found myself resting my finger to stare in awe at the scene that was unfolding right in front of my eyes.

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That was that, my personal adrenaline-filled, journalistic-driven approach to unexpected, dramatic events.

What happened today, or better, what kept happening today has been, in a way, more interesting, and certainly more unexpected, thanks to the pictures and the videos I shot. After a couple of hours, the Police finally kicked even members of the press out of their way, so I rushed back to NEED's HQ, where I knew I would be able to access the Web, and started uploading all my material.

It turned out to have a huge public response, and impressive media interest. New York-based photo agency WorldPictureNews has offered to syndicate my images globally, and thanks to the videos I've posted on Youtube, I have been interviewed by CNN and NBC, and some of my footage is being broadcast by them.

Result: over 114,000 people checked my photos on Flickr, and a total of 125,000 watched my three videos on Youtube. This in less than 24 hours.

So, I consider this as a good start of my internship. Don't you?

Stay Tuned.
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