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It has been weeks even months i dreamed of going to this island after a bestfriend (harum thanks yah) showed me pictures from a website and blogs...crystal clear water, white sandy beach..pfhhhh lovely! :)

Finally the time has arrived...last weekend without any further plans i decided to go there with a friend, booked the tickets, hotel while i was borwsing thru the internet which beaches and how much money we have to spend for renting a car and a boat to go to islands surround the Belitung Island...yipiiii!!


We went there on saturday and planned to stay there until monday morning (coz we have to go to the office...WORK arrgggghhh!) - apparently we just arrved in Jakarta few hours ago haha - took the earliest flite from Jakarta to Belitung Sriwijaya Air (only Batavia and Sriwijaya Air flies to the island) at 6.40 am (yup very sleepy) we arrived there at 8 (took 45 to one hour to get there from Jakarta)...1st impression was...humm small and crowded airport...very small and quite busy airport actually...and we were escorted by guys from the hotel (we stayed at LOR IN Resort) they are nice people and along the way to the hotel which takes 45 minutes to get  there one of the manager talked about the island and the funny facts about the island... :)

Anyway, finally we arrived at the resort and suddenly we saw those white sandy beach right infron of the villa...but because we were too sleepy so we decided to take a nap for couple hours (anyway it's still early in the morning hehehe)...we booked the deluxe one which kinda so so but it's ok lah :)...)

We woke up, grab our short and heading to the beach in front of the hotel...gosshhh it's exactly like we found on the internet...the water, the sand, the sun, the quietness, those giant rocks...damn so just PARFAIT!...our agenda was swimming of course and i was bringing my snorkling gear too to i just wanna swim and see the things under the water...and do the sunbathing...unfortunately i already got a darker skin then Sebastien so i dont really need to be darker i guess hahaha....

All day long we were sitting and swimming and see many starfish under the water...was great!! We were doing it until we were starving and back to the hotel to grab something...yummy food at the hotel..i thought it's gonna be very so so...but turned out to be super yummy prawns!!!


Woke round 9.30 the had a brakfast, day two we decided to rent a boat from a fisherman named Pak Acin...after dealing with the price finally we agreed with Rp.300.000 for whole day tour to the islands...supposed to be we got Rp.250.000 but we have to go the the other beach which 3 km from where we he'll come and get us just infront of the hotel :)

After breakfast...10.30 am we off to the beach and fortunately the water just too beautiful...superb!! But the schedule forced us to go to see the islands...our 1st stop was the Lengkuas Island where stood there the old lighthouse built by the dutch on 1882..quite long journey and super HOT...anyway but we passed thru the small island and rocks and see all those layering waters from deep blue to green to light blue to almost white...see the coconut trees, the birds...hummmhhh...

Walking around the Lengkuas islands takes only couple of hours coz we were really wanna go next island to go snorkling...anyway, the island just quiet and beautiful, again the water so clear...and the lighthouse looks very arrogant and spooky :) the rocks are big and the sands just pure white...this lighthouse guards by only 3 or two people..which when we were there only an old man guarding this place...what a boring life hahahaha....

Next destination was snorkling at Babi Island (Pig Island) I dont know why they call it Pig coz what i see this very small island has a big rock looks like a bird head hahaha...maybe the bird who looks like apig? hell dont care hehehe....

Put all the gear, jumped into the water..and you will just see the life underwater...purplish bih coral, clown 1st i was bit scary coz it was my 1st time to do snorkling...but the i get really excited to see all the fishes...not so colourful tho because those rocks got bleech by the sun...not by the human...after satisfied with snorkling we went back to the hotel coz we were too starving to continue our trip that we heading back to the hotel!!

What a great day...we loved it but we were so we decided to again after late lunch to take a nap :)...late afternoon Sebastien decided to take a swim for a while while i was taking pictures on the beach and at the pool and the hotel area...


Woke up very early (again!) going bak to jakarta with the 1st Batavia Air...back to the reality! Hopefully can comeback again sometime soon...


1. Only have 3 traffic lights on the island hahaha

2. Only have 5 gas station around the island...2 in the east and 3 in the west

3. Zero criminality...thank god!

4. Diesel, diesel, diesel for the electricity...

5. Local are very happy to see white people (you'll be like a celebrity here...hehe)

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15 km (9 miles) traveled
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belitung island
photo by: yuness