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Friday 8/03/07

It was raining this morning pretty steadily. I did a quick morning rinse, hoping the rain would clear up in the next hour, so we could do our ride. It was soon apparent that this would last all day, so we cancelled our horse-back riding plans and went straight to Jaipur. We were at Jess's hotel by 12. we ate lunch there and Harsh dropped off my plane tiket. I caught a rickshaw to the airport around 1:05pm – I was really cuttingit close! But I did get there in time – around 1:35 for my 2:15 flight. The flight has been delayed. I was scheduled to arrive at 6pm and Chris made hotel reservations for me,, but I don't know where it is. Hopefully he'll get back in touch with me before I land. I plan on being in Bangalore until Monday. I think I'll fly to Amritsar Monday morning and head up to the Himalayas from there.

Well, Chris met me at the airport in BLR, and we took a cab downtown. We ate dinner at a cute little restaurant off of MG road. We had some fantastic curries.  We had a little trouble getting back to the hotel bc the cabbie didn't know where it was, and the area was a little shady, but the hotel is very nice.

Saturday 8/04/07

We had brunch downstairs today – fried veg fritters and dahl w/naan. Then we went downtown. I wanted to see the Bull temple and the Botanical Gardens, but Chris wasn't too into it, so we went shopping on MG road instead. We got an AMAZING bed cover and pillow case set for our bedroom. It's o beautiful, and it was a good price. We went and browsed a music store for a while and I found the retractable iPod earphones that I've been searching for over the past few months. It started to rain a little, so we ducked into a shopping mall to grab some coffee and relax. There was a store selling fantastic jeans by 1 get 1 free, and they'd taylor them to fit you while you walked around the mall. So, we each got 2 pair of really great jeans. There was a jewelry store that had some phenomenal jewelry, especially their bracelets, but I wasn't able to get a fair price, so I didn't buy. We went to TGIFriday's for dinner and it was very funny to see the Indian servers in their "flare". One guy was wearing a sombrero and passing out tequila shots – this struck me as extremely funny, and then I felt really bad for the guy when he asked me if TGIF servers in the US had to dress like that, too. We ran into one of Chris's co-workers who was with him brother and we all grabbed a beer before they headed out to a club. The night-spots in Bangalore close at 11:30, so the evenings start early here. After Friday's, we took a LONG rickshaw ride back to my hotel.

Sunday 8/05/07

We slept in, lazed around, had lunch in the restaurant downstairs and took a taxi to a travel agency so I could book tomorrow's flight.  One way to Leh was $310! That's more than I wanted to pay. It's also pricey to fly into Kathmandu. It looks like I have to give up either Leh or Nepal. Since I'm hoping to do some trekking w/Sule in Nepal I decide to explore Leh another time. It makes me sad, but I can try and spend some time at an ashram in Rishikesh instead. So NOW the newest plan is to fly into Amritsar tomorrow. From there, I'll make my way to Nepal, where I'll have at least 10 days. I'll meet Chris in Goa our last weekend in India (24-26th) and maybe meet up with the girls from Croatia there. That gives me 18 days to travel before meeting up with Chris again. I'm not exactly sure how I'm getting to Nepal, but I should be able to figure something out without too much difficulty. Chris had to runback to his apartment to pick up my laundry, so I stayed & enjoyed an Ayurvedic Abhyanga oil massage. It was interesting… I was covered in oil from head to toe – but it was relaxing. I think I'll try the facial when I come back at the end of the trip. Chris and I watched Evan Almighty (a pirated copy chris picked up – HP5 wasn't very good quality), then went down for dinner, which was terribly bland (I have a feeling the Ayurvedic doctor may have talked to the restaurant about what foods and spices to give me). Then we went back upstairs to chill out until Chris had to leave.

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