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Leaving from Ottawa, Canada in the middle of winter, we planned to visit Thailand and Bali during over three months, interspersed with maybe a couple of excursions in neighboring islands or nations. It is our second trip to Thailand, and first trip to other parts of Asia.

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January 17th, 2013Gatineau, Canada
January 17th, 2013Ottawa, Canada
January 20th, 2013Bangkok, Thailand
January 25th, 2013Patong, Thailand
February 6th, 2013Karon, Thailand
February 7th, 2013Patong, Thailand
February 12th, 2013Patong, Thailand
February 20th, 2013Phuket, Thailand
February 25th, 2013Patong, Thailand
February 27th, 2013Chiang Mai, Thailand
March 7th, 2013Patong, Thailand
March 11th, 2013Koh Lanta, Thailand
March 15th, 2013Patong, Thailand
March 19th, 2013Seminyak, Indonesia
April 8th, 2013Ubud, Indonesia
April 19th, 2013Bangkok, Thailand