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I'd like to give an honest interpretation of my first ever (half way) RTW trip & first ever solo trip whilst remaining informative & entertaining. Destinations include Europe, South East Asia & Australia.

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January 1st, 2013Huddersfield, England
January 2nd, 2013London, England
January 3rd, 2013Paris, France
January 4th, 2013Paris, France
January 8th, 2013Ghent, Belgium
January 9th, 2013Ghent, Belgium
January 11th, 2013Brugge, Belgium
January 12th, 2013Namur, Belgium
January 13th, 2013Brussels, Belgium
January 14th, 2013Amsterdam, Netherlands
January 15th, 2013Amsterdam, Netherlands
January 16th, 2013Breda, Netherlands
January 17th, 2013Cologne, Germany
January 18th, 2013Berlin, Germany
January 19th, 2013Berlin, Germany
January 20th, 2013Berlin, Germany
January 21st, 2013Berlin, Germany
January 23rd, 2013Dresden, Germany
January 24th, 2013Dresden, Germany
January 25th, 2013Krakow, Poland
January 26th, 2013Krakow, Poland
January 27th, 2013Krakow, Poland
January 28th, 2013Olomouc, Czech Republic
January 29th, 2013Prague, Czech Republic
January 30th, 2013Prague, Czech Republic
January 31st, 2013Prague, Czech Republic
February 1st, 2013Kutna Hora, Czech Republic
February 2nd, 2013Prague, Czech Republic
February 4th, 2013Brno, Czech Republic
February 5th, 2013Brno, Czech Republic
February 6th, 2013Budapest, Hungary
February 7th, 2013Budapest, Hungary
February 8th, 2013Budapest, Hungary
February 9th, 2013Budapest, Hungary
February 10th, 2013Zagreb, Croatia
February 11th, 2013Zagreb, Croatia
February 12th, 2013Plitvice National Park, Croatia
February 13th, 2013Split, Croatia
February 14th, 2013Trogir, Croatia
February 15th, 2013Zagreb, Croatia
February 16th, 2013Venice, Italy
February 17th, 2013Florence, Italy
February 18th, 2013Siena, Italy
February 19th, 2013Florence, Italy
February 20th, 2013Rome, Italy
February 21st, 2013Rome, Italy
February 22nd, 2013Rome, Italy
February 23rd, 2013Rome, Italy
February 25th, 2013Rome, Italy
February 26th, 2013Dubai, United Arab Emirates
February 27th, 2013Dubai, United Arab Emirates
February 28th, 2013Bangkok, Thailand
March 1st, 2013Bangkok, Thailand
March 2nd, 2013Bangkok, Thailand
March 3rd, 2013Bangkok, Thailand
March 5th, 2013Bangkok, Thailand
March 6th, 2013Ayutthaya, Thailand
March 7th, 2013Chiang Mai, Thailand
March 8th, 2013Chiang Mai, Thailand
March 9th, 2013Chiang Mai, Thailand
March 10th, 2013Chiang Mai, Thailand
March 11th, 2013Pai, Thailand
March 12th, 2013Pai, Thailand
March 14th, 2013Pai, Thailand
March 15th, 2013Pai, Thailand
March 16th, 2013Pai, Thailand
March 17th, 2013Chiang Rai, Thailand
March 18th, 2013Chiang Rai, Thailand
March 19th, 2013Huay Xai, Laos
March 20th, 2013Pakbeng, Laos
March 21st, 2013Luang Prabang, Laos
March 22nd, 2013Luang Prabang, Laos
March 23rd, 2013Luang Prabang, Laos
March 25th, 2013Vang Vieng, Laos
March 26th, 2013Vang Vieng, Laos
March 27th, 2013Vang Vieng, Laos
March 28th, 2013Vientiane, Laos
March 30th, 2013Vientiane, Laos
March 31st, 2013Kong Lo, Laos
April 1st, 2013Kong Lo Cave, Laos
April 2nd, 2013Pakse, Laos
April 3rd, 2013Don Det, Laos
April 5th, 2013Don Det, Laos
April 7th, 2013Kratie, Cambodia
April 8th, 2013Kampong Cham, Cambodia
April 9th, 2013Siem Reap, Cambodia
April 11th, 2013Angkor, Cambodia
April 12th, 2013Angkor, Cambodia
April 13th, 2013Angkor, Cambodia
April 15th, 2013Battambang, Cambodia
April 16th, 2013Battambang, Cambodia
April 18th, 2013Battambang, Cambodia
April 19th, 2013Phnom Penh, Cambodia
April 21st, 2013Phnom Penh, Cambodia
April 22nd, 2013Sihanoukville, Cambodia
April 23rd, 2013Sihanoukville, Cambodia
April 24th, 2013Koh Ta Kiev, Cambodia
April 25th, 2013Koh Ta Kiev, Cambodia
April 26th, 2013Kampot, Cambodia
April 28th, 2013Kampot, Cambodia
April 29th, 2013Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
April 30th, 2013Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
May 1st, 2013Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
May 2nd, 2013Ben Tre, Vietnam
May 4th, 2013Da Lat, Vietnam
May 6th, 2013Da Lat, Vietnam
May 7th, 2013Nha Trang, Vietnam
May 9th, 2013Nha Trang, Vietnam
May 10th, 2013Nha Trang, Vietnam
May 11th, 2013Hoi An, Vietnam
May 12th, 2013Hoi An, Vietnam
May 14th, 2013Da Nang, Vietnam
May 15th, 2013Hue, Vietnam
May 17th, 2013Hue, Vietnam
May 18th, 2013Hue, Vietnam
May 19th, 2013Hanoi, Vietnam
May 20th, 2013Hanoi, Vietnam
May 21st, 2013Hanoi, Vietnam
May 22nd, 2013Sapa, Vietnam
May 23rd, 2013Sapa, Vietnam
May 24th, 2013Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
May 25th, 2013Cat Ba Island, Vietnam
May 26th, 2013Hanoi, Vietnam
May 28th, 2013Bangkok, Thailand
May 29th, 2013Bangkok, Thailand
May 30th, 2013Bangkok, Thailand
May 31st, 2013Bangkok, Thailand
June 1st, 2013Bangkok, Thailand
June 2nd, 2013Koh Tao, Thailand
June 3rd, 2013Koh Tao, Thailand
June 4th, 2013Koh Tao, Thailand
June 5th, 2013Koh Tao, Thailand
June 6th, 2013Koh Tao, Thailand
June 8th, 2013Koh Tao, Thailand
June 9th, 2013Surat Thani, Thailand
June 10th, 2013Georgetown, Malaysia
June 12th, 2013Perhentian Kecil, Malaysia
June 13th, 2013Perhentian Kecil, Malaysia
June 14th, 2013Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
June 15th, 2013Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
June 16th, 2013Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
June 17th, 2013Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
June 18th, 2013Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
June 20th, 2013Malacca, Malaysia
June 21st, 2013Malacca, Malaysia
June 22nd, 2013Singapore, Singapore
June 23rd, 2013Singapore, Singapore
June 24th, 2013Singapore, Singapore
June 25th, 2013Singapore, Singapore
June 26th, 2013Brisbane, Australia
June 27th, 2013Brisbane, Australia
June 28th, 2013Surfers Paradise, Australia
June 29th, 2013Surfers Paradise, Australia
June 30th, 2013Byron Bay, Australia
July 1st, 2013Byron Bay, Australia
July 3rd, 2013Byron Bay, Australia
July 4th, 2013Byron Bay, Australia
July 5th, 2013Grafton, Australia
July 6th, 2013Grafton, Australia
July 7th, 2013Dorrigo, Australia
July 8th, 2013Coffs Harbour, Australia
July 9th, 2013Coffs Harbour, Australia
July 11th, 2013Coffs Harbour, Australia
July 12th, 2013Sydney, Australia
July 13th, 2013Sydney, Australia
July 15th, 2013Sydney, Australia
July 17th, 2013Otford, Australia
July 18th, 2013Otford, Australia
July 19th, 2013Otford, Australia
July 22nd, 2013Otford, Australia
July 26th, 2013Otford, Australia
July 31st, 2013Wollongong, Australia
August 1st, 2013Otford, Australia
August 9th, 2013Sydney, Australia
August 10th, 2013Sydney, Australia
August 11th, 2013Blue Mountains, Australia
August 12th, 2013Otford, Australia
August 16th, 2013Cronulla, Australia
August 18th, 2013Otford, Australia
August 24th, 2013Otford, Australia
August 25th, 2013Otford, Australia
August 28th, 2013Otford, Australia
August 30th, 2013Canberra, Australia
August 31st, 2013Canberra, Australia
September 1st, 2013Canberra, Australia
September 3rd, 2013Tinamba, Australia
September 4th, 2013Tinamba, Australia
September 5th, 2013Tinamba, Australia
September 8th, 2013Tinamba, Australia
September 11th, 2013Tinamba, Australia
September 14th, 2013Melbourne, Australia
September 15th, 2013Melbourne, Australia
September 16th, 2013Tinamba, Australia
September 18th, 2013Tinamba, Australia
September 21st, 2013Morwell, Australia
September 22nd, 2013Walhalla, Australia
September 23rd, 2013Tinamba, Australia
September 26th, 2013Tinamba, Australia
September 28th, 2013Traralgon, Australia
September 30th, 2013Tinamba, Australia
October 3rd, 2013Tinamba, Australia
October 6th, 2013Tinamba, Australia
October 7th, 2013Tinamba, Australia
October 8th, 2013Melbourne, Australia
October 9th, 2013Melbourne, Australia
October 11th, 2013Casterton, Australia
October 12th, 2013Nareen, Australia
October 13th, 2013Mount Gambier, Australia
October 14th, 2013Nareen, Australia
October 17th, 2013Nareen, Australia
October 19th, 2013Nareen, Australia
October 20th, 2013Nareen, Australia
October 22nd, 2013Nareen, Australia
October 25th, 2013Nareen, Australia
October 26th, 2013Port Fairy, Australia
October 27th, 2013Nareen, Australia
October 31st, 2013Nareen, Australia
November 1st, 2013Nareen, Australia
November 2nd, 2013Melbourne, Australia
November 3rd, 2013Melbourne, Australia
November 5th, 2013Nicholls Rivulet, Australia
November 6th, 2013Nicholls Rivulet, Australia
November 7th, 2013Nicholls Rivulet, Australia
November 9th, 2013Hobart, Australia
November 10th, 2013Nicholls Rivulet, Australia
November 11th, 2013Nicholls Rivulet, Australia
November 12th, 2013Nicholls Rivulet, Australia
November 13th, 2013Hobart, Australia
November 14th, 2013Hobart, Australia
November 15th, 2013Hobart, Australia
November 16th, 2013Port Arthur, Australia
November 17th, 2013Bruny Island, Australia
November 18th, 2013Hobart, Australia
November 20th, 2013Launceston, Australia
November 22nd, 2013Preston, Australia
November 23rd, 2013Preston, Australia
November 25th, 2013Preston, Australia
November 28th, 2013Preston, Australia
December 1st, 2013Preston, Australia
December 2nd, 2013Penguin, Australia
December 3rd, 2013Preston, Australia
December 5th, 2013Preston, Australia
December 7th, 2013Preston, Australia
December 9th, 2013Preston, Australia
December 11th, 2013Preston, Australia
December 12th, 2013Preston, Australia
December 15th, 2013Ulverstone, Australia
December 16th, 2013Preston, Australia
December 18th, 2013Preston, Australia
December 19th, 2013Melbourne, Australia
December 24th, 2013Churchill, Australia
December 27th, 2013Melbourne, Australia
December 28th, 2013Lorne, Australia
December 29th, 2013Lorne, Australia
December 31st, 2013Lorne, Australia
January 1st, 2014Cape Otway, Australia
January 2nd, 2014Great Ocean Road, Australia
January 3rd, 2014Grampians, Australia
January 16th, 2014Melbourne, Australia
January 18th, 2014Melbourne, Australia
January 27th, 2014Melbourne, Australia
February 2nd, 2014Melbourne, Australia
February 13th, 2014Melbourne, Australia
February 21st, 2014Melbourne, Australia
March 3rd, 2014Melbourne, Australia
March 14th, 2014Melbourne, Australia
March 29th, 2014Melbourne, Australia
April 8th, 2014Melbourne, Australia
April 27th, 2014Melbourne, Australia
May 3rd, 2014Melbourne, Australia
May 20th, 2014Melbourne, Australia
June 1st, 2014Melbourne, Australia
June 6th, 2014Melbourne, Australia
June 9th, 2014Traralgon, Australia
June 10th, 2014Melbourne, Australia
June 11th, 2014Singapore, Singapore
June 12th, 2014London, England
June 14th, 2014London, England
June 15th, 2014Huddersfield, England
September 30th, 2015Huddersfield, England