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If you read my previous blog series - 'Preparing for a RTW trip' then you'll realise that the time has FINALLY come for me to set off for my adventure. If you haven't, then welcome to the blog!

This is mostly as a way to inform the friends & family back home what's been going on with my trip, but also as a way to contribute to this great community & document my trip for my own enjoyment! I'm hoping that I can keep this updated as much as possible whilst on the road. I won't have a decent phone or a laptop with me so internet access will be somewhat limited.

This last week has been absolutely crazy. I finished work on Christmas Eve & then spent Christmas with the family, which was lovely. I wanted to be away this year at this magical time (note the sarcasm there), but it WAS actually nice to spend one last Christmas in the UK. I'll stop saying that word now, it's gone for now but it'll be back soon! Inbetween sorting out last minute bank and phone stresses, whilst gathering everything together, I had tons of final socialising to do! A work leaving do, spending time with various friends as well one last big night out with all my closest ones, a family meal/drinks, and New Year's Eve were all to be contended with! It has been hectic to say the least. I've only had one emotional break down so far (in private) but I blame the copious amounts of red wine I was supplied with for that! It has been very sad saying farewell (for now) to some of my friends and family. I'm sure I will keep in touch with most of them & we shall meet again...but in a morbid way, anything could happen in life & people do grow apart, especially when there's already a great physical distance there. I just hope people don't forget about me & that I don't forget to make the effort.

Today was possibly the most stressful day. Start as you intend to go on I guess, happy new year by the way! I sort of forgot that it was New Year's Day (I also forgot about my hangover luckily), as most of the day was spent packing up my room and reorganising the mess on my floor into more organised mess to delay the inevitable packing. After throwing my clothes into a big pile & freaking out that my bag was too small & it would be impossible to fit everything...my mum offered to help me roll & fold. I knew about the rolling trick, I was just a bit overwhelmed. There's so much to think about! She worked her motherly magic & I felt much better afterwards when I could see how much room there was left & how light the bag was with all my stuff in it! That's what mums are for after all!

Everything is now ready, or I'm at least as ready as I'll ever be. It would be nice to have just one more day at home to chill & make sure everything is sorted. I keep panicking that there MUST be something I've forgotten. Perhaps I should put this here & that there instead? Have I hidden my back up cash & cards well enough? It's weird that I'll be living out of a backpack for at least the next five months, but very liberating! And it's amazing how little I'll actually need to get by & have a great time.

Tomorrow I'm headed for London. I think it'll be emotional saying so long to the parents, although they are visiting me whilst I'm in Rome at the end of February, which will be great. They've never been before either! I do love London so it'll be good to see it one last time & have one last knees up with my friends down there! I still can't believe that this is happening, but I can't wait.

itravel1 says:
Just found your blog Tom, looks like I have some good reading ahead of me!
Posted on: Sep 06, 2015
jethanad says:
:) am reading this for the first time, I am expecting an amazing adventure unfolding
Posted on: Aug 13, 2014
bashmentbabe says:
Congrats on the feature !!!
Posted on: Jan 19, 2013
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