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A walking tour with a brilliant tour guide who is Israeli.

After a rough night on the train from Venice, we, my brother and I, arrived in Munich in the very early morning and we spent whole day walking around the old city. The place was amazing and I really respect Germans' spirits that they rebuilt the new old town. 

At night I really wanted to go out for beer but Nok was too tired to accompany me so I decided to go out alone. I felt pretty weird walking in Schneider Weisser Restaurant alone as everyone looked at me (still don't know why; if anyone know or wanna share any suggestion / learning / warning, welcome)

Luckily, I bumped with 2 guys, an uncle-Martini and his nephew-Mark who are 2 lovely Germans joining my table.

They had some kind of picnick and they were roasting the pig.
They took me to some chic pubs and met some of their friends. I had great time.

It was 3 in the morning and I was so drunk and had 10% of conscious left to figure out how to get to hostel, so I said goodbye to them and tried to find my way back ALONE.  I walked pass the clock tower where no human creature around and I felt pretty scared.  At my 12 o'clock, a drunk looking man walking towards me and it was too late to change the direction so I pretended not to look drunk and opened my eyes so wide :D

That guy came and talked to me and tried to pursuade me to his apartment. I didn't wear any sexy dress I swear and eventhough I did I couldn't turn anyone on :p I asked myself whether I should scream or run away but none of the choice that my left conscious would help me get through.

The only thing that I could come up with is to make friend with him and try to act "Manly". So I talked to him about soccer :D It's the only topic that could turn my x off.

Then, I saw a light at the end of the tunnel, a group of people came from behind and I heard a word they talked about "Auto Bahn", so I jumped into their conversation and asked what was it. A guy in the group was surprised (might be from my rude maner) but he was polite to answer. I didnt' give a damn about what "Auto Bahn" was but just tried to keep the conversation going. 

That drunk guy felt like he was losing his target so he joint our conversation too :(  I tried to give the polite guy a look of "please help me" (like they do in the movie) but I guessed my eyes were too drunk to say so and he might thought we were together anyway.

The sky was interesting since the other side was such clear blue sky

I think I didn't do much merit, that group changed the direction so the polite guy said goodbye to me. I wanted to follow them but I was afraid to get lost and that drunk guy would keep following me anyway. So I kept walking my way to the hostel where near the train station with that drunk guy and our unfinished conversation about football.

He decided to really ask me to have sex with him so I decided to end the story by bullshiting. I told him that on the next day I wanted to go to the soccer match so I asked him to meet me HERE, where I couldn't remember, at noon and then I would go with him to his apartment. I gave him my "whatever" mobile number. I don't know if he was too dumb or too drunk to believe me but it worked!!! He left.

I then ran for my life to the hostel!!! I fell and rolled over the floor so many times as I couldn't balance myself but I kept running until I got to the hostel. I saw my brother sleeping so comfortably. I've never felt that I need him this much in my life.

Anyway the pictures below have nothing to do with the story since I didn't carry the camera with me. Some of them are the pictures of the next day in Englischer Garten at noon when that you-know-who might wait for me at I-cannot-remember-where  :D

smuffygt says:
Haha I know it was probably scary at the time but for me to hear, was pretty funny. Maybe you should start learning MT too!
Posted on: Mar 23, 2008
mybu84 says:
i enjoyed this blog:)
i think you need to try and write stories for Cosmo or something, women will love it/:)
Posted on: Mar 16, 2008
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A walking tour with a brilliant to…
A walking tour with a brilliant t…
They had some kind of picnick and …
They had some kind of picnick and…
The sky was interesting since the …
The sky was interesting since the…
Beer garden.
Beer garden.
My angel, my guardian, my bro
My angel, my guardian, my bro
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