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day 1 - Rushed up with my packing (bare essentials, must have swim trunk, sunscreen, my cholestrol medicines) flew down to goa from mumbai - reached at 8:00 PM at dabolim airport. Took a cab ride to my hotel.The fragrance of sea, sand and fish curry filled the air and my lungs - soaked in the goa's atmosphere - and what a wonderful climate - while most of india is shivering in december, goa's temperature that day was a delightful 26 degrees celsius.  checked in - discovered quite nice and clean rooms and charming pool, calungate beach in the backyard - malini ramani's boutique in the front yard :) and a garish discotheque called Rio's nearby.

day 2 - woke up early and jogged along the beach. made a mental note to jog every day on the beach. amazing experience. The soft sands and waves - beach shacks playing trance music and open late upto the wee hours of morning. rented an avenger. The manager turned out to be a great friendly guy - always ready to scribe the directions for any place on the back of the business card :). Actually the location of this hotel is so perfect, directions to calungate, baga, candolim were easy pickings. Took me a few hours to figure out nearly shopping malls, grocery stores..etc . Took a few rounds of the baga beach and calungate beach. At Nighttime went to Titos lane and freaked out.

day 3 - During daytime woke up at 9:00 - watched the India-England test match - pondered what the hell has happened to the men in blue ! trying so hard to put up horrible performance. At 11:00 took out my bike and biked to panajim and then to old goa church. came back to panajim and then grabbed a bite and biked back to calagute. Nighttime - spent my time at cafe cape town (eureka eureka - thanks to "baked grey cells"). The DJ seemed like a colombian and was spinning out feet tapping music, interspersed with reggaeton and "pitbull" ones ! I danced away with some like minded ones upto 2-3 in the morning with my beer and vodka. Went to baga beach shack - had fresh prawns curry with rice at the sams - at 4 in the morning and the place was abuzz with people - foreigners and indians alike - ofcourse one cannot miss the moonlit beach in front and the white waves splashing the shores. Wondered why people call Goa - a paradise on earth ! Later came back to my hotel and woke up my watchman and receptionist with a much "put up" apologetic face and didn't realise when I dozed off only to wake up at 2:00 PM next day afternoon.

day 4 - My hotel manager recommended me the "snip" salon and spa (calangute). I tried it and came back happy and very satisfied. The massage is wonderful and the masseurs are highly trained and courteous. I tried thai aromatherapy. The rooms are filled with thai oil fragrance and thai meditative music. The massage was deeply relaxing and I felt my muscles melting away under the fingers of the masseur. I would certainly recommend this place for all. They also have website where one can research all their services ( Following after the body massage I got my hair cut done at the same place. The stylist was very good - has a style of his own while performing the hair cut - looks like a pianst on the piano :). I was very happy with my hair cut too. In the evening I met two beautiful indian ladies at cape town (tito's lane) and had drinks and chat with them. I hanged around at cocktails and dreams later to listen and dance away to some disco, reggaeton and pitbull. Ate a plate of fish and rice at sams beach shack on the baga and biked back to my hotel.

day 5 - day-night trip to anjuna beach. Its hardly 10 Kms from baga beach - start from the main highway 16 (maybe 17) and then took a turn to anjuna and vagator beaches. The same road goes straight to mapusa. There is another road to anjuna and vagator which is known as the baga bridge and is a sort of back-side road to anjuna and the north-side beaches.The afternoon was spent exploring the anjuna beach. Kicked my ass for missing the wednesdays flea market (very popular touristy destination) but thursday was well spent at "curlies". The afternoon was spent chilling out at curlies - breezers and a few indian tourists with whom i played a game of pool. The most interesting thing was learning a bit of "juggling" from a group of amazing tourists from russia. The "juggling" by the beach looked really cool and those guys were actually performers and perform with fire and lights. By evening, the curlies transforms into a coolly lit beach shack and has a nice non-smoking discotheque playing trance beats. danced away to the trance beats. Met a lot of russian tourists and two guys from england. I discovered my long lost skills of bar talk and "breaking ice" with strangers in front of the bar. After everything, one cannot miss out the bread-scrambled eggs and boiled eggs at 3:00 in the morning from the local food stalls in front of curlies - and the beautiful moon-lit anjuna beach. At 9:00 AM I woke up and biked back to my hotel and collected my laundry on the way.

Vikram says:
Sounds lovely. I love Kerala style massages actually, get them done everytime I visit India!
Posted on: Dec 25, 2012
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