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Purchased my new Sony Digital Camera from this dude
Well the time has come, to write this WELL deserved journal entry.

** Please note, these views below shared by many others, in fact 95% of all the backpackers, and independent travellers I've met have all told me this, before I shared with them my stories!


As I returned from Sapa mountains, in northern Vietnam, I was involved in a major scam, and pretty much lost everything in my day pack. This included my precious digital camera, all my photos, my notebook, telephone, medication, my wallet, credit card, money etc.

The reason why everything was in my bag at the time was because I was on a sleeper train and the pants I was wearing didn't have any pockets! Also one reason why the scam occured was because it was 1.
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still very early, 2. I was half asleep and not totally wide awake, 3. I was vulnerable at the time 4. Vietscam are just full of people like that, agressive, hostile, rude, unfriendly EVEN THE KIDS!!!!

To cut to the chase, the fucking Xe Om driver rode off with my crap. He was doing laps along the street and he refused to stop in front of my hotel, instead he continued on further up. I of course presumed he was trying to look for another hotel/guesthouse that would give him some sort of commission. I continually shouted NO back that way. Eventually he did a U-turn, however he did not stop in front of the ATP Hotel, he stopped 100 metres away and as I barely got off the moto, he drove off with all my crap... GRRRRR VietSCAM!!!!

Funny enough Vietscam comes rolling off my tongue so naturally now, that it is apart of my vocab.
I 100% sure that if I had written this entry a few days after the incident, there would be much more swearing, cursing and many more racist remarks.

Like I know that Vietscam has nice people, but it's a large majority that are fucking arseholes. AND THIS VIEW IS SHARED BY MANY OTHER TRAVELLERS.

I met a girl at Hanoi airport, and I asked her how long she was in Vietnam for, and she said "well 4 days, I'm leaving the country because I can't take it... the people are just way too hostile... I'm even ashamed to be part Vietnamese."

Many other couples who were independently travelling through Asia said the exact same thing, the people are very ruthless and hostile.

Like I've got a whole list of people I've met in Laos who have shared similar stories about Vietscam.
Lake in the middle of Hanoi
I even met a few people who haven't been to Vietscam and were not going to Vietscam because they had heard so many stories from EVERY other traveller they met along the way telling them how uncivilised, rude, agressive, unfriendly, hostile the people of VIETSCAM were.

After discussing this with quite a few travellers, it came to the conclusion that Vietscam is a country that doesn't welcome independent and budget travellers. The locals see backpackers are stingy travellers and don't bother to welcome them. Instead they treat package tours like royalty, because all they see is dollar signs on top of their heads!
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Purchased my new Sony Digital Came…
Purchased my new Sony Digital Cam…
Chinese Character
Chinese Character
Lake in the middle of Hanoi
Lake in the middle of Hanoi
Personalized stamps
Personalized stamps
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