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[NO photo's are available for this Blog Entry as the Damn Vietscamese prick stole my camera]

The ride from Quang Ngai to Tam Ky, was a mix experience....
First off, I managed to bargain the 2 hour journey for 25,000 Dong, however once on the bus the cunt refused to give me back my change from 30,000... YET ANOTHER SCAM!
Secondly, I had a really nice chat with a very cute Vietnamese girl. Her name was Ngue, and she's 19 years old. She works as a waitress at a restaurant in her home town of Quang Ngai. But she was heading up to Danang for her sisters wedding. We chatted for pretty much the whole journey and it was a blast.

Thirdly, something I did not need to see, is the lack of modesty from this lady. She jumped out of the mini van, pulled down her pants and did her business OUT IN THE OPEN... ARGHHH I'm blinded forever!!!!!

And Finally, speeding through the narrow streets at 120km an hour, the mini van had to hard brake as it nearly crashed into another van... ASIAN ROAD RULES.. there is none!

As I arrived in Tam Ky, my only purpose in this small provincial city was to visit the 2 Thap Chams, Banh An and Chien Dan. I got a Xe Om driver to take me to these destinations, and then I let him go at Thap Cham Chien Dan, as afterwards I jumped back on the highway and waved down a local mini van to take me to Hoi An City.

Thap Cham Banh An, was a 3 tower site, however the site was closed so I could not explore the area like I had wished to, I took a few photos from outside as best as I can and headed off to Thap Cham Chien Dan. Thap Cham Chien Dan was also a 3 tower site, which a mini museum nearby with some good examples of Cham sculptures. Another scam was to be had at this venue, as I entered I asked how much entry fee was and the lady there goes 20,000 dong. I of course exclaimed woah, so much.... She quickly ran off and came back with her purse and pulled out "official" tickets, and on the ticket it obviously only stated 10,000 dong.
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