Sentosa, the Synthetic Attraction with Imported White Beach Sand

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As the days to my holiday are drawing to an end, I've pretty much just taken it easy each morning and approached my travels at a slower pace. Maybe it was also due to the fact that there wasn't really TOO much to see here in Singapore, and also the fact that I am running out of money.

Anyhow it wasn't till noon before I made my way to the Harbourfront to catch a cable car to the Sythetic Island of Sentosa. As you ride the cable car, you can see the beautiful city landscape in the background but what lays in front were ugly industrialisation.

My first stop at Sentosa Island was the yes I know pansy Butterfly and Insect World. Surprisingly the exhibits were very interesting as it contained many species of the must neglected species.
There were tiny ones and not so tiny ones. I'm sure anyone would freak out of they saw a huge 3 horned beetle on their beds, or a giant tarantula hehe.

What was particularly interesting and rare to see was the display of the both gender insects. A rare occurance and even rarer to find an actual specimen to display. There is a display of a butterfly species, where the female is much smaller than the male. However when you get one with both genders, literally half of the butterfly was a female and half was a male, resulting in one big wing on one side and the other with a small one.

Another example was some sort of insect with wings, it was a fairly large insect and the same occurance where the female is smaller than the male. And the resulting weird creature was a halfy where one side of the body was huge and the other side was small in comparisson.
It's a bit hard to explain and I'm getting lazier and lazier to update these journals, so I'm not sure if any of the above made any sense (weak smile).

Next stop was the Underwater World, which housed many more exotic fishes and species than the Melbourne Aquarium. However I still think its a bit smaller than the one back home. Nearby was the artificial beach, where the white sand was imported from abroad LOL.

The Dolphin Lagoon was great, where the pink dolphins performed many amazing tricks and stunts. A typical circus act.

On the way to the magical fountain (whoopti doo)... I paid $5SGP to have a huge yellow python or snake of some sort wrapped around me... After looking at the photos I think I shouldn't of put on the Indian vest as it looks soo stupid.
. it's soo bright! And by God the snake was powerful AND HUGE!

And finally I kicked back at the so called "Magical Fountain" where I ended up chilling back and doing nothing for a few hours without even realising it. As I had already watched the 5pm show, I sat around and read a book, and I didn't realise I was there for so long that I ended up staying for the 7:40pm show, which was much better. The highlight was probably, out of the 2000+ seats I had the best seat and view out of everyone. I was dead centre to the stage/fountain and I was at the very front LOL. So I had the giant Merlion statue in the backdrop perfectly aligned. HEHEHEHE. The show was amazing... I know it is catered for little kids, but hey I'm a big kid so Ngah.
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