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My Goofy hair at a Khmer Wat in Can Tho before heading to Soc Trang
After the second day of touring the central Mekhong region, Bohng Phatry and I went our own way and dropped by in Soc Trang province. We obviously got scammed for the price of the bus ticket (3 times the amount). We only found out later on.. arghhh.

The journey to Soc Trang was an interesting one, as the scenery and the people just changed. The white pale Vietnamese complexion, soon changed into dark black Khmer complexion. House after house that we came by were obviously Khmer. The scenery changed so quick that it just seemed like as if we were in Cambodia.

Khmer ruined temples dot the Mekhong Delta countryside, and we were fortunate enough to visit a few, many in different states of disrepair. We dropped into a Buddhist school, in Soc Trang town, and was surprised to see classroom after classroom of Khmer monks, being taught in Vietnamese by a Vietnamese lady.
A Vietnamese Communist monument in the centre of town
I obviously wanted to take a picture of this, but was informed not to as it may stir up some trouble.... shrugs!

We were informed by the locals that they had been stripped of their lands (rice fields) and had to resort to working on the now Vietnamese owned rice fields.

The Khmer museum, was an interesting little place. At the very entrance of the museum was a HUGE portrait of Ho Chi Minh, and of course a Vietnamese and a Communist flag. Inside were the remains of the unique Kampuchea Krom culture. Many items in the museum were surprisingly unique and cannot be found in central Cambodia.

It was a tad bit strange though, because the local Khmer Krom's would always refer to South Vietnam as Kampuchea Krom, and still call the provinces and towns by their ORIGINAL Khmer names, right in front of the not so local Vietnamese living in the area. I guess over time the not so local Vietnamese civilians have adapted to this and know that yes, the lands once belonged to the Khmer, and that they were powerless to stop the local Khmer's from referring to their land's by their original names.
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Khmer Architecture
Khmer Architecture
Khmer students at a local Khmer Wat
Khmer students at a local Khmer Wat
Soc Trang
photo by: droonsta