One too Many Hours With the Animals, Singapore Zoo and Night Safari

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Well just like yesterday I took my time heading out after breakfast. I sat around the beer garden table thinking what should I do? I already planned to go to the Night Safari, but wasn't really planning to also head to the Zoo (it was just a thought).

As Will came down from the dorm rooms, at breakfast he said he wouldn't mind heading out to the zoo (considering he hasn't really been out and about, since his been ill the last few days). So I in turn was like what the hell nothing else to do... I was planning to just sit here all day. So off we went at noon LOL.

We caught the MRT and then a bus to the zoo. The zoo wasn't all too flashy, but it was an enjoyable day after we made up a game. Paparazzi Showdown. We were targeting the old or ugly foreign men who were with young asian girls. We managed to take a few good ones and a few funny ones. That occupied our time pretty well HEHEHEHE.

Another highlight of the Singapore Zoo would of been the Albino Tigers, you learn something new everyday... apparently ALL albino tigers come from the same line. The first albino tiger was caught in India. Also the Polar bears were of interest as I've never seen a polar bear before HEHEHE.

The night safari was fairly good, maybe not as good as everyone has said it out to be, but it was alright. The night safari show was amusing and yeah.

Will and I headed back to town and kicked back with two English girls, Casey and Kate.
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