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At 7:00am Kenji and I were picked up from our Guesthouse (CM Apartments) for the journey up to Chiang Rai.

We joined another 4 people on the tour, Adrian from England, 2 Israeli's (can't remember their name), and a Chinese girl (she was very annoying... soo many questions, so I just didnt bother to remember her name).

The 4 hour journey to our destinations in Chiang Rai were split up with a pit stop at a small hot spring. Within this area was a brand new construction of a Hot Sauna and Spa place, which was utilizing to the maximum the Angkor style in architecture. The whole complex was constructed in the Angkor style, right down to the intricate carvings seen on lintels, gopuras, walls, windows and towers.

The Hot Spring itself, was nothing too special. The locals were cooking eggs to sell so the whole area had a very rotten egg smell.

We drove through Chiang Rai and onto Chiang Saen, the first ancient city/temple constructed in the North of Thailand. The city itself seemed to be fairly similiar to Wieng Kum Kam in Chiang Mai, but we only visited one of the temples, which was over 700 years old. After 30 minutes we continued our journey for 5 minutes onto the Golden Triangle.

A minor scam on this tour was that the tour package did not include the 1 hour boat ride along the Mekhong. The 1 hour boat ride was another 300baht, which seemed a tad bit too expensive compared to other boat tours I've been on throughout asia. So Kenji and I decided to just tour around the area and we visited a giant Gold buddha, and from this viewpoint we were able to see the "Golden Triangle".
We both agreed that there wasn't anything special, but the fact that we were stuck there for an hour was a bummer!

We had a buffet lunch with the rest of the group on their return, which was surpringly very GOOD! considering it was included in the tour package! We thought that it would of just been plain old fried rice with eggs like on other tours we went on.

Our next stop was Mae Sae, the border gate between Myanmar and Thailand. We visited the Northern most point of Thailand and had a browse along the border market. There were many interesting things to purchase but my backpack was already full as it is!

We continued on after Mae Sae for about 1 1/2 hours through the mountains to visit the Akha, Big Ears, and Long Neck Karens.

This short part of the trip was the absolute highlight!... Even if it took all day to get there and only spending 40 minutes in the villages it was amazing to witness how heavy the rings around the Long Neck Karen's necks were.

The journey back home was a long 3 hours and we didn't get back till around 9:30pm... And I'm pretty sure everyone was VERY hungry!!!! Because I know I was hehehe... I had Green Curry for Dinner YUM!
nsansom79 says:
I know it has been a while, but do you remember which travel company you went with for this trek?
Posted on: May 26, 2011
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Chiang Rai
photo by: Pearl510