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Ayutthaya, the peak of Siam is a bustling city where the new city has been incorporated within the old city walls. Thus where old meets new.

I arrived to Ayutthaya from Lopburi, on a local bus that cost me 36B. After a 2 hour bus ride, I settled in at Tony's place for 200B a night. Considering I was literally running out of Thai Baht I could not do much on the day I arrive, so I decided to just take it easy and literally do nothing. None of the banks were open and there were no street stands or shops that exchanged money like back in Myanmar or Cambodia. I roamed around the new city area, as I was lazy, tired, and had no money to enter into the individual temples that lay 1.
5km away.

I managed to book a boat tour for a measily 100B after a bit of haggling and once again telling them about my incident in VietSCAM. The kind people at the tour place (across the street from Tony's Place) discounted the ticket by 100B HEHEHEHEH.

The boat ride was at 4:00 and lasted for 2 hours. We stopped off at Wat Phanom Choeng (which had a huge buddha within the Wat) entry fee of 20B, Wat Phutthaisawan (which had a huge Khmer style prang built during the Ayutthaya period) and finally the spectacular Wat Chai Wattanaram. Wat Chai Wattanaram had an entry fee of 30B and I did not have any more money so I just stayed outside and watched the sunset. After 20 minutes at each place we did a lap of Ayutthaya and was dropped off at the night market. From there I walked back to Tony's place to watch a movie.

The following day I got up at 7:30am, had breakfast and waited for the bank to open. After exchanging some money I walked towards the ancient ruins and visited;
- Wat Phra Mahathat (the central prang has collapsed, but it contains the most photographed picture, a Buddha head overgrown with tree roots. I think the head is just too perfect to be natural, I've read somewhere else that it was probably purposely put like that, as the head is 100% vertical and too aligned and perfect to have occured naturally as the tree roots would of taken years and years to grow and it would of pushed the head in certain ways.)
- Wat Ratburana (this is an impressive site, as it still contains a huge prang in the centre of the complex, with multiple smaller stupas scattered around the vicinity.
- Wat Plai Chai (a small ruin I passed on the way to
Wat Suwannawat)
- Wat Suwannawat (another small ruin)
- Wat Thammikarat (almost got bitten by a stupid dog here, fucking bastards.. that's why I hate dogs, agressive bastards just like the Vietscamese. This small ruin has many brick lions around the chedi that looks very Khmer in style)
- Wat Phra Si Sanphet (this impressive complex had three high and mighty stupas that were in fairly good shape)
- Wat Mongkhon Bophit (is a modern Wat, that houses the largest bronze Buddha in Thailand, made during the Ayutthaya period)
- Wat Phra Ram (is very similar to Wat Ratburana, however smaller in size)
- Wat Worapho (yet another small ruin)
- Wat Chetharam (yet another small ruin)
- Wat Lokaya Sutha (a complex that has one small prang in the centre with no other buildings except a large reclining buddha at the entrance of the Wat)
- Wat Ket (yet another small ruin)
- Wat Lang Ka (yet another small ruin, only a prang remains)
- Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon (a very impressive stupa, located outside the old city walls.
Has a large reclining Buddha and rows and rows of Buddhas around the central stupa)

It's pretty dodgy in Ayutthaya, when you buy an entry ticket they don't give you a receipt unless you ask for one. So from past knowledge they don't give you a ticket because they want to pocket the money in the end DODGY ASIANS!

Considering I've travelled for a decent amount of time, its come to the stage that I'm getting a tad bit lazy to go out of my way and seek out other ruins, another factor is that I'm literally running out of money and I'm afraid I won't have enough for the remainder of the trip. Therefore I have restricted my spending everyday thus far... of course blaming VietSCAM. I hope to return to Thailand and visit many of the other destinations I've had to skip.

Tonight I will roam around the ruins at dark as they have a light display at the mains sites... should be good :)
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photo by: the_bloodsucker