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Bustling Ho Chi Minh City by night
Well after the odd Beer Garden and Saucey Catwalk, I crashed over at Bohng Phatry's hotel, Hotel Cara. Located near Wat Phnom, Hotel Cara is a newly built establishment, and is surprisingly cheap for the standard of service they provide!

Anyhow, in the morning we struggled to wake up at the break of dawn to get ready for our journey to Srok Vietnam. At the bus station, I managed to put my foot down and told the ticket instructor off for allowing the locals to push in front of the nice Australian lady in front of me. Of course the local gave me a hard sturn grease and was not too happy with me, but doesn't matter... its the principle that counts. I told her that it isn't right that people can push in like that when there clearly is a line, and that foreigners don't like seeing shit like that, and when they do they find it all messy and pretty much won't enjoy their stay etc etc etc.
Vietscamese specialties

The ride was a long one, before crossing the ferry, we both jumped off to have a browse around, and it wasn't even five minutes after the ferry left, another one arrived and we almost missed it :S :S :S :S... that would of been crazy as our passports were with the bus driver for processing! LUCKY!

We took the same route through Prey Veng province, and passed the area where the school was located (the school we gave out stationary to 800+ students).

As we arrived at the border, we were paranoid that it would be a timely and troublesome process, but surprising enough it was smooth as silk. We went through the border and was greeted by a whole new world, a modern world.

Comparing Vietnam to Cambodia, Vietnam is a farely developed country with massive roads, street lights, traffic lights at each intersection, and houses along the whole length of the highway.
Vietnamese Breakfast - Broken Rice COM TAM!!!

Along the way to Ho Chi Minh City, a few main differences I noticed in Vietnam was that
- No signs at all contained any English, they were all in pure Vietnamese (street signs, shop signs)
- All the houses and blocks of land were tiny 3-5 metres wide, and the houses were small constructions in a oriental style
- It took a while to find Com Tam, but once we did, it was EVERYWHERE!!! LOL The Com Tam wasn't the same, but yeh tried a few places out and some were uniquely tasty in its own respectful way
- The coconuts were surprisingly a different shape, they actually spent the time and effort to carve the coconuts into smooth round balls LOL
- There was much more law and order in Vietnam, only 2 people to a bike, and people actually obeyed the traffic lights!

We didn't really do much when we arrived in Ho Chi Minh City, but quickly visited Ben Thanh Market and the Notre Dam Cathedral, before calling it a night. Notre Dam Cathedral is a massive church, and trully an architectural masterpiece in its own right. We didn't go in as there was a service going on!

Nothing interesting happened as we called it an early night as we were both tired from the exhausting 6 hour ride.....
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Bustling Ho Chi Minh City by night
Bustling Ho Chi Minh City by night
Vietscamese specialties
Vietscamese specialties
Vietnamese Breakfast - Broken Rice…
Vietnamese Breakfast - Broken Ric…