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Generally speaking, I'd have to say that the people of Kuala Lumpur must be the most unfriendly and the rudest of all people. (Not targeted at ALL Kuala Lumpian's, but the majority I came across was absolutely bastards).

Within the first few hour of setting foot onto the streets of Kuala Lumpur, I was run over by a car, sworn at by shop vendors and been snobbed off by locals.

I was crossing the road, and it front of me was a completely parked car with engines off and everything, then as I approached it and was right in front, the damn bastard started the engine and nudged on forward hitting me... I quickly jumped out of the way and thought what the fuck.
China town

Whilst shopping for some souvenir T-shirts I was being asked 35-50RM each, and I already knew that one could easily be acquired for 10RM. So i bargained at a few vendors for the exact same T-shirt, and as soon as i said 10RM the damn Chinese Malay shouted at me when I walked off "You Stupid, offering me a ridiculous price like that". At another vendor I was cursed in Chinese, I knew this because she was talking to herself under her breath saying some crap in Chinese.

What I don't understand is that they ask for some much and when you don't bargain and walk off they drop the price from 40RM to 35, 20, 15,10RM. So what right do they have to curse me and call me stupid when I bargain the same item from that same price range?

Anyhow, the bus ride from the airport (75km away) to Kuala Lumpur Central took about 1 hour and cost 6RM.
Apples and more Apples, (well a species of apples or maybe their pears!)
I then took a train for 1RM to the next station, which was located near the heart of Chinatown. I quickly followed my Lonely Planet and checked out a few places, but I didn't end up staying at any of them because they were pretty dirty and run down. I came across another joint 'Wheelers' located opposite a Reggae Restaurant/Bar on, (I'll add the street name when I have my Malay LP with me). Wheelers were a very nice joint, the staff was extremely friendly, had hot showers, and even had a rooftop bar!!!! LOL

For the first evening in Kuala Lumpur, after settling down at Wheelers, I quickly did a tour of Chinatown and strolled along the many market stalls. I pretty much had a quiet night and had a beer on the rooftop bar, and met up with 2 other fellow Australians (from Sydney) Elyse and Will had just returned from a Charity trip out in the countryside assisting families and teaching English. We played a few hands of Trumps and then decided to head off for a late night snack with "the wheelchair guy" and Marc.

We stopped by at an Indian joint where the dishes were about 3RM each ($1), we didn't head back to the hotel till about 12:30am
tvillingmarit says:
Been to KL, but I meet lots of friendly natives. The only unfriendly and perhaps rasistic people I meet in KL were the Chines. Visited Batu Caves to. I have a sister living in KL, I`ll travel back in Oktober again to visit her. Hope you have better luck if you are going back :o)
Posted on: Jul 24, 2007
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China town
China town
Apples and more Apples, (well a sp…
Apples and more Apples, (well a s…