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I caught a train from Ayutthaya to Bangkok, arriving within an hour as I got off at Bengkhen Station. The train trip cost a measily 16B WOW! I then caught a taxi to Plar's place (about 8km away from the station and it cost me 80B) and just relaxed for a few hours before heading into Central Bangkok.

As I arrived in Central Bangkok, through the congested traffic via a taxi, I wandered the streets with no desired or planned destination. The city stinks of both the sewers and the fumes from all the vehicles. As I stayed longer and longer, I started feeling my chest tightening up, due to the continual exposure to the fumes.

I didn't really do much today just wandered the streets and yeh see busy Bangkok life go by. I caught the MRT to Chatajak station from Lumpini Park and then caught a bus to Soi Senanikom. Man Thai bus drivers are asolute arseholes. Being typical Bangkok, there was a massive traffic jam, but the stupid bus driver kept on honking his horn and high beaming the poor little car in front of him. He would ride up the little cars arse and then hard brake causing everyone in the bus to jolt forward. I just don't understand the need to step on the accelerator and then hard braking when in the end your getting no where due to the massive traffic jam.

Well I arrived back at Plar's place, and just jumped on her computer to load my pictures onto my portable HD. The funny thing is she left for Singapore a few days ago and won't be back until the 31st, and I head to Singapore on the 31st :S :S :S.

Well when I return from Singapore I plan to visit Nakhon Pathom, Kanchanburi, Petchaburi and Ratchaburi. During my final day in Bangkok on the 10th of February I hope to visit a few of the other sites that I have jet to visit, such as Wat Arun, Democracy Monument and a few more Wats... Yes more Wats :S :S I've seen so many I've lost count!
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photo by: Deats