The Daunting visit to Steung Meanchey Tip in Phnom Penh

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During one of the days I was in Phnom Penh, I headed out to Stueng Meanchey on the outskirts of town. I've already seen many pictures of the conditions of the people living there, but I just needed to witness it for myself.

As I arrived, the stench of rotting food and decaying rubbish in general made me hard to believe that the locals were literally working and living in this waste land. It was trully a depressing site. I only hope that one day the government and other NGO's will assist these poor souls and give them a better opportunity at life.

At Stung Meanchey, adults and kids alike... whole families in fact were living in squalor. Trying to find recyclable products. I could not help but feel depressed and saddened to see little kids working in the fields of rubbish, rather than in schools or in the fields of rice. I took a few photo's but I just couldn't pull myself to take proper photos and shove a camera in their faces like many of the other tourists.

As it started spitting I decided to make my way back to the city, however before leaving I bought a round of soya milk for the kids (around 30 of them) and gave out about 100,000riel worth to the locals. It's only little, but what can one man do.... Sigh...

For 2 days I pretty much just kicked back in Phnom Penh and had a few beers.

I managed to get my Myanmar Visa done for $25, and got jibbed $12 for a 2gig SD Card. I had bought the memory card from PTC World for $50 and later found out that I could of got it from a small store for only $38 and thats before bargaining!!!!!! Arghhh...

The funniest thing happened at Psar Thmei at lunch, after running a few errands, I popped by to Psar Thmei just to have a browse around, and I was thirsty so I went up to a drink vendor and asked in English "How much is this fruit drink?" and obviously she replied in English 3000Riel. I of course straight away spat out in Khmer, "huh, but when you sell to khmer's its only 2000Riel", the English fella next to me exclaimed "that's good" and couldn't stop laughing!!! LOL... and of course the shop vendor was surprised and pretty embarrassed and yes I did manage to easily get it for the local price ehhehehe.

That same evening Phatry and I, kicked back at "The Lounge" and shot a few games of pool over beer. We were joined by some friendly female locals who were obviously drunk off their heads. The Lounge is a place where the rich local kids come to "parte" through the night, and is probably one of the cleaner and safer clubs/bars in Phnom Penh.

The following day, was pretty much the same, went to Psar Toul Tom Pong (Russian Market), met up with Bohng Phatry for lunch, had a birthday party back at home, had dinner at the Titanic Restaurant by the riverside and went to a Beer Garden, which had something extra..... a Cat Walk, which was frequented by some very exquisite young girls, strutting their stuff. HehEHhE

I must say the locals sure love their "cheers", after every bite at the Birthday Dinner, the males would shout out "cheers" and everyone would take a gulp.... apparently they were drinking since morning lol.

Anyways not much else to exclaim but just a hello, and to say yes I'm having a great time... and I wish you were here! hehehe

BTW: I lost about 150 photos of my day trip in Siemreap arghhhhh... soooo pissed off... what a waste of time and effort... the experience during the day trip was great, but the fact that there are no pictures to show is just frustrating. I will have to pay a revisit on my next trip eeeeeee...
(and thats the reason why I bought another memory card)
Also I lost all my photo's that I took at Steung Meanchey as I hadn't backed up them yet and my camera was stolen in vietSCAM arghhhhh..... Read my upcoming travel stories on Vietnam..... sigh sooo pissed off
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