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Wat Lok Moli
My final day in Chiang Mai, and I have nothing really planned. I visited a few Wats nearby that seemed a tad bit interesting, but pretty much as they say "Same, Same.." but not so different ehhehehe.

Visited Wat Lok Molee which is located outside the old city walls. Wat Look Molee has a fairly interesting ancient stupa and a very unique wooden Viharn (temple).

After visiting Wat Lok Molee, Kenji and I went our own way, as he was heading up to Chiang Rai in order to continue his journey through Laos, whilst I will fly to Bangkok tonight and in the early morning will head to Yangoon Myanmar!

Within the Old City Walls, Wat Mornthean and another one (I couldn't read the Thai script to make out the name... Something like Wat Thanthama... I think) is pretty much the same old temple you see scattered around Chiang Mai and Luang Prabang Laos.

Since it's only 9am, I'm thinking about heading to the handicraft villages, which are the typical villages you see in Asia that is 110% cattered for tourists. Usually I would not go out of my way to visit such sights, but considering I have absolutely nothing to do I may possibly head up there if a Tuk Tuk is cheap!


Well the trip to the "handicraft village" was absolutely a waste of time, as the whole area were large ass factories that are 110% catered for tourists!

There was nothing authentic about the area, the name they coined "Handicraft Village" is a major scam, as there were no villages in sight!
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Wat Lok Moli
Wat Lok Moli
Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes