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The lions square

As they consider Granada one of the most visited cities in Spain, then I arranged every thing before I leave Jordan because there was no gurantee for me to find a vacancy in the hotels there or a ticket to enter the Al-Hamra palace itself at the same day.I have booked a room in West Dauro Hotel II through and my credit card have been charged immidietly upon booking.Tickets to Al-Hamra castle must be booked in Advance as well, the only way to book a ticket is to call +34 915-3791-78 and an 11 Euro charge will be applied to The credit card and they will provide you with a ticket number to present it to them at the main door of Al-Hambra Upon arrival to collect your ticket.

Hareems area

I left the hotel in Madrid at the midnight and I used the metro to get to Mendez Alvaro station at line number 6(Silver line) which is connected to( Estacion del sur) the bus station in Madrid.The tickets price from Madrid to Granada is 14 Euro and The bus left the station at 1:15 am And there was a one stop for half an a hour in a resturant on the way between Madrid and Granada which offers Sandwiches(but don't let the quality of the food in that resturant affect your opinion about the spanish food). 

Inside Granada

The arrival to Granada was at 6 am and becasue the bus staion there is out of the city,Taxi was the Best way to get to the center of Granada,My room was not ready upon arrival to the hotel so I had to wait for 3 hours waiting for a guest who was expected to leave the room.

It took me 10 minutes walking from the hotel to downtiwn Granada and From there I got a bus to Al-Hamra and it took me only five minutes to reach there.The style of the city is a Typical midetreanean style with the narrow streets, old houses, warm weather and friendly people(regardless the language difficulty).The main entrance of Al-Hamra has a sign written in Latin and Arabic Alphabets and I have collected the ticket easily from there.Once you enter the site you will find out that it's not only a palace As it's called, It's a great fortress with a triple walls and towers surrounding it built by the Nazrids dynasty.Inside The fortress there is a complex of buildings and beutifull gardens and running water which have been built by Arabs and Spanish.You are free to visit all the buildings at anytime except the Nazirid palace which have a Specific time ot be visited and no one is allowed to enter before or after that time.

Nazrid palace is the jewel of the fort, Once you enter the palace you will face a syrian Architecture design of decorations, one sentence in arabic written by the (Kufian)style inside the palace was repeated in every Room and quarter says:La ghaleb ella Allah(no defeater but Allah)which it Might indicates that the Nizarids were feeling that it's only a matter of time till they get defeated and pushed out of Andalucia, some other sad poems are written inside some halls.

Another nice building Inside the fortress is the the huge palace of Charles V which have been built after capturing Granada from the Arabs.The several gardens inside the fortress with a runing water have Been created according to the Arabic imagination for the paradise, even some of The gardens carries the names of the paradise levels in Arabic such as Rawda and Fardos.The castle have a wonderfull view over the city of Granada and another view at the Snow mountains of Siera Nevada.Overall,it was a wonderfull experience that I recommend any one to do it and to add the rest of the cities located in south spain.

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The lions square
The lions square
Hareems area
Hareems area
The fortress with its 3 walls
The fortress with it's 3 walls
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