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We had booked ourselves into the same hotel that we had stayed in the first time we were in Hong Kong and couldn't wait to get to our room after our long train journey...and then we remembered as we arrived back that we were staying in the smallest hotel room in he world! Just 5 ft by 8 ft big!!! It was tiny and we kept losing things in it, because our bags and stuff were all under the bed. We had to go into the room one by one as we could not both stand up in it at the same time...but it was cheap and clean and so we were relatively happy.

We spent our first full day back in Hong Kong at the Ladies Market...we are not sure why it is called that but it is not just for ladies. There are many stalls there selling a wide range of clothes, gifts and souvenirs, plus the obligatory 'copy' handbags and watches that you will be asked to 'take a look at' 20 times a day on the streets of Hong Kong.

We had a good time buying the last of our family's gifts there and enjoyed haggling for bargains...it seems, the market traders of Hong Kong will try royally ripping you off when you ask the price of an item, but will follow you down the length of the market shouting new, lower prices after you refuse to pay the extortionate first price. John and I are hardened, experienced hagglers now and can get an excellent price for any item at this point....We found the traders tactics really quite amusing and had a great laugh bartering for things and walking away when not happy, only to hear the scream of better quotes coming from behind us. John has really got into the shopping thing since we have been away and loves markets now (neither of us much cares for department store shopping anyway) and I can see him dragging me to early morning car-boot sales and what not when we get back to Wales.

It was a nice first day back in the city.

We looked into Disneyland Hong Kong and found out that it costs just 22 pound each and so we booked ourselves some tickets....We wanted to go on our second day back to Hong Kong, but the mixture of rain and a bit of a tiff stopped us from doing so....with that problem put behind us, we went out that night to see the Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour all lit up and then intended to have a night out on the town....our first stop was an Irish pub (yes, I know, but John hasn't been in one for so long and was getting withdrawal symptoms) we took a sharp turn and headed straight for the exit though, when we saw that the drinks were more expensive than in Dublin...4 pound a pint!! Then we went into one swanky looking bar, only to find that it was more of a restaurant.

..we were welcome to just drink there but we didn't fancy being completely surrounded by diners...next bar, and it had just a few customers, but all were just drinking, so we sat down and ordered a cocktail each...these were not cheap either but they were tasty so that was ok. After about an hour, we realised that the bar was as lively as it was going to get, with the Asian Cup football tournament on the big screen and loud soppy Asian ballads being played continuously...this was not our scene and so we ended up getting some drink from the 7-eleven and drinking that together in our minuscule room...It was fun actually.

We managed to get up the next morning, even though neither of us got to sleep until the wee hours (a mixture of alcohol and excitement at going to Disneyland) and took the super efficient underground train to the Disneyland Resort.

Immediately, as we got off the train we were impressed....and we had not even entered the park yet! We breezed past the queue because we had already paid via the internet and went inside.

Some people may think Disneyland is just for kids, but it is for adults and children alike...most adults will act like kids there anyway....John and I did!!! The first thing we did was walk down Main Street USA towards the famous Magic Castle from Cinderella and took pictures of each other there (it's gotta be done!). We went into Fantasyland and had a look around the Winnie the Pooh shop (who doesn't like Winnie the Pooh eh?). Our next stop was to meet some of our favorite Disney characters....we met Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and of Course, Mickey himself....gotta say, it was so much fun meeting them, all we did was giggle the whole time, and we were a bit starstruck!

Whilst in Fantasyland, we also went to see Mickey's Philar Magic.

..a fantastic 3D film (where you watch with special glasses on) and of course we had a go on the Dumbo ride!.....My parents took my brother and myself to Florida when we were young and they waited for about an hour whilst I queued up for the Dumbo ride (and insisted on flying the purple Dumbo) so, I just had to have a go here too...thank God the queue was not too big though, just 15 minutes.

The Disney parade that made it's way down Main Street USA was brilliant, with huge moving floats that represented various different Disney films...Toy Story, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Snow White etc and the film's characters plus Disney dancers too...again squeals of delight from John and myself as the characters passed us all singing and dancing.

We went into Adventureland next and had a tour on the pirate ship which had great special effects that included pyrotechnics and the most real looking elephant models that squirted water at us.

..a good laugh. We had a go at the pirate hoopla game (throw hoops and try to land them on the hooks)...John was none too impressed that I managed to get two hoops on hooks while he couldn't manage one (and he's usually better at those type of games than me) anyway, we both won a Pluto sticker for our efforts. We watched an awesome live Lion King show in Pirateland which would definitely rival any West End production, it was really spectacular.

Tomorrowland was also great, I hate roller coasters, so John went on Space Mountain by himself (not that he was to happy about it) and I waited outside for him....h says it was not that bad but if the picture that was taken of the roller coaster as they sped along the track was anything to go by, then I would have been sick, or cried, or both.

..John looked like he was having a Sunday drive, but the 3 girls in the front of the car looked like they were staring down the barrel of a gun, they were so frightened....glad I didn't do it anyway!

The second Disney parade was a summer special water parade where all the floats and characters soaked the audience in some way, shape or form...we got very wet, but loved it because it was such a hot day, we needed to be cooled down.

We did go on Buzz Lightyear's shooting game in Tomorrowland, where we went along a track in a car which we could control to spin around 360 degrees. You had to shoot targets with laser guns, not easy as we were moving and so were the targets and there was about 5 people trying to shoot each target at the same time so you couldn't work out which laser beam was yours.

..I beat John at that game too (but I am not supposed to say so!).

By now, it was late afternoon and we had had a good look around the park and had been on most of the rides and seen some shows, and as we were starting to burn in the very hot sun, we decided to make our way back to our room in Kowloon....on the way down Main Street USA, we came across a drawing studio, where they would teach you to draw Mickey Mouse, and so I had to have a go at that!! John and I were the only adults in there and the only English speakers there too, so we did quite well to follow the instructions that were given mainly in Cantonese....a quick look in the Disneyland museum an a last picture with Pluto the Dog and we left the park, having had a fantastic and fun filled day.

...A short ride back on the Disney metro train (fully equipped with Mickey Mouse shaped windows and handrails!) and the underground and we were back at our hotel...ready or a huge rest after our huge day....Brilliant!!!

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Jeez, talk about a red nose!
Jeez, talk about a red nose!