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hamish is happy..

As it's my first blog I thought what better place to write about than Amsterdam, the infamous city of hedonism & debauchery!

For my first (of 3) visits I travelled from London to meet 3 mates who flew from New Zealand. Craig, Daniel and I continued on to London afterwards while Hamish went back to NZ. Hamish had been searching the internet and came across a site where you could travel to Amsterdam and become judges in the prestigious "Annual High Times Cannabis Cup". The sycophancy from our friends alone was worth the US$50 fee! We felt like the joint mayors (pun intended) of Amsterdam, armed with our maps, review/scoring cards and judge badges off we went. We never tired of amusing ourselves by holding up our judges badge whenever we walked into a coffee shop, reminiscent of the scene in Wayne's World where Wayne & Garth score backstage passes to Alice Cooper - we were literally kids in a candy store! The Cannabis Cup lasted 4 days and culminated in an awards ceremony where all involved shared embellished tales and tips of our adventures.

even happier!
Very well organised, a great novelty and highly recommended!!

Talk of Amsterdam always conjures thoughts of coffee shops and the red light district but it has so much more to offer. An extremely picturesque city with many winding streets, fantastic architecture, numerous canals, museums, the wartime residence of Anne Frank, galleries, a fantastic nightlife, the list goes on... a truly diverse city.

Whoever planned the various roads, laneways and transportation around this city was either very malevolent or had a wicked sense of humour! Just when you think you've navigated the myriad of pedestrians, trains, cars and trams the next thing you know - and quite often literally only a second before it's too late - the imminent death rattle of a bicycle bell and the cry of "fucken toerist!"

The food is magnificent, whether that's due to various ingestions and inhalations affecting the hypothalamus I'm unsure but I certainly loved it! There's a cafe or bakery every few shops with a plethora of savouries and sweets.

dan & hamish doing our duties as judges
 I'll never forget one particular chocolate cake, the best I've ever had - and I've had a few!!

For accommodation I'd recommend booking early as the city is always bustling and entertains a wide spectrum of groups, especially at the weekend. I've stayed at The Flying Pig a couple of times which is a pretty reasonable choice if you don't mind hostels. They have 3 hostels around the city, 2 in the centre and 1 about 30 mins away in Noordwijk. I can only speak for the Downtown Hostel but the staff there were really friendly and helpful. A few of my favourite coughshops are - The Bulldog Palace for the local delicacies, The Green House for entertainment and The Grasshopper for entertainment and the local finery.

If you plan to visit to Amsterdam take a very open liberal mind and enjoy!!!

Please note: A wide variety of products were tested on (party) animals during these trials, many were hurt, all are still living. 

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hamish is happy..
hamish is happy..
even happier!
even happier!
dan & hamish doing our duties as j…
dan & hamish doing our duties as …
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