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So many crazy things happen on this trip it seems really unbelievable. Super crazy scary 1 everyone carries a macheta (especially drunks and children) 2 never try to swim across a river in the wet season 3 watch out for the Poptun town drunk who likes to chase tourist on horseback screaming obsenities in English 4 malaria meds give you super scary dreams 5 watch out for peepers in windows of jungle lodges "the face" 6 blackouts occur almost always after seeing a huge spider but before you get him 7 guides bring you within inches of errupting volcanos (like it or not) BEST memories 1 Amazing people, local and fellow travelers 2 Learning to synchronize swim and using our new skill in a lake/falls 3 Watching my red-headed aussie roomate get her hair corn-rolled by and Oakland girl 4 Explaining to a British girl what a pinata was and watching her 5year old like joy at hitting it 5 The look on all the girls faces when we saw "the face" in the window 6 Drinking wine from a carton in a hammock in our room 7 Returning from the cave trip with more bat crap on me than I thought ever possible and how that shower felt
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The smile was fake. I think I was …
The smile was fake. I think I was…