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We're down to our last week here in New York.

On September 10th we're packing up the car and hitting the road. Our Triptik from AAA arrived this afternoon so I started mapping out the course for our cross country road trip and booking the hotels. This is going to be more affordable than I expected. The average motel/hotel (with the AAA discount) costs about 35-50$ a night and they have free wireless internet service. So I'll be able to update daily from the road. I really love the idea of being able to take all my friends with me on this trip via the internet.

We're going to be driving for 42 hours and is 3,780 miles from our front door in New York to John's front door in San Francisco. The biggest cost will be the gas, around 300$.

This is our trip plan so far

Day 1 - Driving to Ohio. Motel booked.

Day 2 - Illinois. Motel booked.

Day 3 - Nebraska. Motel Booked

Day 4 - Wyoming. Motel Booked


Day 6 - San Francisco

We have to pack all the essentials into one big box, squeeze our computer into the backseat as well. The top of the car will have all of our clothing, the trunk will be filled with spare tires, oil, water, car supplies..etc.

I can't express how excited I am about this road trip, it's something I've always dreamed about doing and a once in a lifetime opportunity. I'm just praying that our car makes it. It's 10 years old and has over 190,000 miles on it.. but it runs great. I have my fingers crossed. We're limiting our driving to about 8 hours each day and pacing ourselves..

I keep thinking that there's something I'm forgetting, I've never taken a road trip like this before. I have this overwhelming feeling of constant anticipation and excitment, mixed with a touch of nervousness. There is so much to do and so much to wrap up before September 10th, I don't know how we'll manage to do all of it. I guess we'll just take it day by day.

The date of departure is rapidly approaching I feel really happy about this move. It's really hitting me now.

 I'm going to San Francisco!

Does anyone have any road trip advice to share? This will be my FIRST major cross country road trip.
Andy99 says:
Will be looking forward to reading your blogs as you travel across the country! I've driven many road trips, but have never been on your more northern route. I'll be interesed in the sights you discover. Have a great trip!
Posted on: Sep 04, 2007
Sunflower300 says:
When I drove from Darwin to Brisbane when I was 18yrs old, one of my tyres separated. The rubber peeled off itself. If you feel something funny happening to the car, a lot of shaking and roughness, don't hit the brakes, just take your foot of the gas and pull over to the side of the road. It’s quite frightening, but it’s ok, oh, and don’t touch the tyre straight away because it will be really hot.

Take lots of upbeat music, plenty of cool water, and try to eat healthy food; it’s amazing how much weight you can put on during a weeklong car journey. Have a camera handy for wonderful sights you will see from the car window. As you said, this is a once in a lifetime adventure, so try to see as much as you can without running yourself ragged.

Above all, HAVE FUN!!! :)
Posted on: Sep 04, 2007
sybil says:
good luck! i can't wait to read your blog updates as you move west. sf is a beautiful city with so many things to see and do -- plus, they have real good food too! :D
Posted on: Sep 03, 2007
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