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on the road


We left New York this morning and embarked on the first day of our road trip!

Right now we are sitting in a motel the middle of nowhere...

Otherwise known as Newton Falls in Trumbell County, Ohio.

Population 5,000 and area code 44444.

Yes, 44444.

It's the smallest little town I've ever seen. Their most famous tourist attraction is an old covered bridge at the edge of town. The main street area reminds me of "Stars Hollow" from The Gilmore Girls. I thought towns like this only existed in movies and television shows! I think everyone knows eachother and probably are gossiping about the newcomers that just checked into the local motel as I type this...

We arrived here a half an hour ago

We pulled our luggage into our 40$ motel room, the woman that gave us the keys had a beehive hairdo

It's not too bad for the price.

me in our motel room in Newton Falls, Ohio
.microwave, fridge, bathtub, big screen t.v. and free internet. I can't complain. Eric and I bounced up and down on the bed, it's comfy ;)

I can't believe we're here, it doesn't feel real. I'm exhausted but also excited. We had a late start this morning. We were on the road for 9 and a half HOURS, we made a few stops a long the way...

There's a little DINER down the road that serves food late into the night, so we're going to wander over there to grab a bite to eat. we're starving. We also need to take a nice long warm shower, get freshened up...

I have so much to write much I want say about our first day on the road and so many pics to post, but It will have to wait until tomorrow morning when I'm a little more coherent..

Just checking in and letting you know that we survived the first day of our road trip and we made it to our first destination point. 5 more days and we'll be in San Francisco!

More coming tomorrow...

tlc314 says:
i'm from newton falls, grew up there, graduated the year the tornado hit. :-) nice to see your post, got a few chuckles, love your candor, what a trip!
Posted on: Nov 30, 2007
heyitztiff says: from ohio, and i must say, ive def lived in towns a lot smaller, though im originally from cincinnati, i did live in one town out in the counrty of ohio that had a pop of about 1200. Although, i did once live in the town of chalmers indiana which i believe the pop was about 600. yeah, 600!
Posted on: Sep 10, 2007
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on the road
on the road
me in our motel room in Newton Fal…
me in our motel room in Newton Fa…
Not bad for a 40$ motel:)
Not bad for a 40$ motel:)
Newton Falls
photo by: clarity25