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The picturesque Hawley House

I have to say, I really wasn’t sorry to be leaving Stanley. Not that I didn’t like the town, quite frankly the house where we stayed gave me the creeps. Weird as it sounds, it’s the truth. I don’t know if there was another ‘being’ in there or what, I just felt freaked out.

So, on the road again, this time heading to Hawley House, at Hawley Beach. From the photos I had seen of this place, I had very high expectations. It looked stunning, and the write up... well, I think it might be best if I just type here what I read about the place before I went there. However, before I do, I will fill you in on our drive from Stanley to Hawley Beach.

Not much to fill in really, we stopped for lunch at Burnie, and bought some thermal gear (I froze my bejingers off at Cradle Mountain) before heading on to Hawley House.

Hawley Beach
We didn’t have a look around Burnie, although if you do happen to be in the area yourself one day, pop into the Tas Travel and Information Centre, because I understand there is more to Burnie than meets the eye.


Hawley House is a distillation of all that is special in Tasmania - the transformation of a romantic fantasy into reality. A Victorian Gothic white mansion overlooking pristine white beaches to a mountain backdrop. Hawley house has gardens filled with small lakes and flowers, trout, wild duck and geese. Small mammals, birds and frogs crowd into her 8-hectare wild gardens of National Heritage status. On the slopes behind the old family home through orchards and copses are the gentle slopes of an extensive vineyard where grapes absorb the beauty of the bay below and concentrate all that surrounds into an elixir of Hawley.

The cubby up a tree in the back yard

Convivial pre-dinner drinks in the drawing room are served each evening followed by a 4-course dinner of the finest and freshest local produce. The panelled candlelit dining room also features Hawley’s own wines.

Superb, spacious rooms, oversized beds, balconies, private bathrooms, spas and fireplaces are all available and all have lovely views of gardens, lakes, beaches and mountains. Rooms are either in the main house or the Stables and Lofts.”


Well there you go, a lot to live up to, and I must say we were not too disappointed. Our room was one of the ones in the main house, with large windows overlooking the gardens and mountains.

The bathtub on the roof. Why? I don't know.
I can’t remember if we had a spa or not, if we did we didn’t use it (although we did discover a bathtub on the roof of the main house, and no, we didn’t take a bath). Dinner was magnificent, the wine served with dinner delicious, and we did have pre dinner drinks in the drawing room as well as post dinner drinks, and drinks way into the wee small hours with another couple we met at Hawley House.

Hawley house is a family affair; one of the family members cooked the dinner, the others all acted as servers. Our host brought our bottle of wine to the table, showed us the label and then proceeded to place the bottle in between his knees to pull the cork out. Real posh move that one. Then while we were in having post dinner drinks, one of the daughters came into the drawing room with a log for the fire. We all sat there in stunned awe as she casually lobbed the log into the huge fireplace, the reason we were so stunned is that the log was the size of a small child and twice as thick, and this girl tossed it as if it were a twig.

Our room on the second floor. Can you see the bathtub on the roof? It really worked (if you wanted it to)

If you don't mind things a little left of centre, I would recommend Hawley House, the family are very friendly and welcoming, if a little rough around the edges. Who knows they may have polished up their act since my visit.

We did have a lot of fun here, and the setting is beautiful. The other couple we met, Gino and Rosie from Launceston were a lovely couple who we became friends with in the years following our trip to Tassie.

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The picturesque Hawley House
The picturesque Hawley House
Hawley Beach
Hawley Beach
The cubby up a tree in the back ya…
The cubby up a tree in the back y…
The bathtub on the roof. Why? I do…
The bathtub on the roof. Why? I d…
Our room on the second floor. Can …
Our room on the second floor. Can…
Hawley Beach
photo by: Sunflower300