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Bruny Island

Shane, my boyfriend and I flew into Hobart from Sydney, we hired our rental car and made our way down to Kettering, a small town built around a quiet bay, this is where the ferry to Bruny Island leaves from. We enjoyed a quiet lunch in a resteraurant overlooking the D’Entrecasteaux Channel and Bruny Island before boarding the ferry for Bruny Island. A short 15 minute ferry ride later we were disembarking onto the picturesque Island. We had one night booked in Mavista Cottages, near the town of Alonnah on the southern end. We stopped half a dozen times on the way to the cottages to take in the beautiful vistas and snap a few shots.

After checking out our accommodation we headed off to the only place that served dinner, the Hotel Bruny, the most southern hotel in Australia.

One of the many falls, this one in the Huon Valley
I hadn't been into a hotel like this one since... actually I don't think I had ever been in a hotel quite like this one. Shane and I walked into the bar area and pulled up a stool at the bar and ordered a drink. You know how you get the feeling you are being watched? Well I felt that feeling like I'd never felt it before. I turned around, as I had my back to the room, and all of the people in the bar were lookig at me. I asked Shane if it was just me or is everyone in the bar looking at me? He took a peek over my shoulder and nodded. It took us a while but we finally understood the stares... I, a woman had sat at the bar. All the other women were sitting off to the end of the room as far away from the bar as possible and only the men were seated at the bar. What was I thinking?!? Now, I'm a fairly worldly person and don't frighten easily, however I downed my drink, grabbed Shane and walked ever so quickly to the exit and the car, my heart pounded all the way back to the Cottage. Shane and I never got to eat our dinner at the southern most hotel in Austalia, we ended up eating some of the food provided for us for breakfast. Bacon and egg rolls, coming up!


boxinbcn says:
I had the same experience once, with my wife - in Morocco. But never would have expected to hear about it in Australia!
Posted on: Feb 04, 2009
Martin_Austria says:
Lol I heard only that this happened in the past in Australia.
Posted on: Dec 02, 2008
Sunflower300 says:
Hi Rini,
There are certain places in the world where women are not welcome, sitting at the bar in this little pub was one of those places. It's a little backward, but these places still exist.
Posted on: Nov 26, 2008
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Bruny Island
Bruny Island
One of the many falls, this one in…
One of the many falls, this one i…
Inside Mavista Cottage
Inside Mavista Cottage
Mavista Cottage
Mavista Cottage
Hotel Bruny, the southern most hot…
Hotel Bruny, the southern most ho…
Bruny Island
photo by: Sunflower300