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Beautiful Brighton beach from the pier.

So we began our road trip, learning the road rules as we went. There are classes of roads - M for motorway, A roads, B roads, and then country-type lanes, which are hedgelined death traps, only really wide enough for one car but people hoon along them anyway, somehow avoiding crashing!

We both had a go driving out of London for fun, then took the motorway...but had no idea of the speed limit as you are expected to know the limit for each type of road (not that anyone does it anyway!), which in comparison to Australia, where you get told every 100 metres, was a real shock!

So we dawdled along in the left lane, whilst Audi's, BMW's and Mercedes all left us for dead (also, almost every car here is basically brand new), and arrived in the seaside town of Brighton safely.

The Lanes
There we learnt about parking. You can park on the wrong side of the road, facing the wrong way, which means you have to be on your guard at all times, as oncoming traffic can suddenly dart in front of you to get a spot on your side - this is quite unnerving when it happens!!! They also use single and double yellow lines to indicate 'No Standing' - but everyone seems to ignore them and instead seem more than happy to take turns getting around whatever truck or car is obscuring the whole road!

Now, there is something in the water in Brighton, and I say that for two reasons. Firstly, this was the first time we saw their seagulls...and they are gigantic! Secondly, King George 1 was sent here by his doctor to get some of its healing waters, which while it apparently helped, I also attribute to him building the Royal Pavillion, an eccentric royal residence (in my opinion) - Indian exterior and Chinese interior!

While in Brighton, we walked along the famous pier, which is very touristy and has lots of theme park rides, fairy floss and amusement games. We had dinner at the pier restaurant, where the waitress looked at me very oddly when I asked for my fish grilled! We also checked out The Lanes - funky little streets full of shops, both alternative and top-end; I resisted, but Steph bought a funky blue skirt!

Finally, Brighton is where I found my favourite chain store so far...POUNDLAND!! Where yes, everything is a pound!! We stocked up on lots of goodies for the road.


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Beautiful Brighton beach from the …
Beautiful Brighton beach from the…
The Lanes
The Lanes
photo by: petit_gooroo