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Me at The Temple of Olympian Zeus with The Acropolis in the background!!!!

Was so excited to start our Island hopping adventure - I needed this "holiday from our holiday"!! But I digress, Athens - the city named in honour of the Goddess of Wisdom, Athena, awaited! We found at baggage check-in, that both our bags had put on several kilos - how did this happen...a mystery! hehe. Walking around Rome airport were a crazy amount of nuns and monks. I thought there was some sort of religious convention, but then of course I realised where I was...the city of NINE HUNDRED CHURCHES!

On our flight, we were very excited to have an aeroplane meal and even more excited that we got offered extra bread rolls. A backpacker never knocks back any (especially food!) extras.

Temple of Hephaestus...seen from a different angle!!
We checked into our nice hotel and found we were sharing with two 60 year old women we had befriended earlier at St. Johann! This was a major relief after our night in Rome.

We spent the afternoon looking at the street markets before going out to dinner with the girls to a local greek restaurant. We then went night photography hunting, and taking in the buzzing nightlife of Athens. I ended up being extra happy that we shared with those ladies as both of those activities were their ideas, and the city by night was definitely something I'm glad I experienced.

The next day was spent full on sightseeing; we climbed up the Acropolis (which had an amazing view of Athens), and took in the Parthenon (dating back to 438 BC!) and the Erechtheion. There was scaffolding everywhere which visually was a little disappointing, and I swear the slippery marble/rock everywhere is a lawsuit waiting to happen!

We had a beautiful greek salad for lunch before seeing the Temple of Olympian Zeus; its 104 Corinthian Columns took 700 years to complete (6th century BC - 131 AD!) Mind you, there is only a handful left, but still, it was impressive and had a great view back on the Acropolis. We then visited the Roman stadium which was originally built in the 4th century BC, and was the site of the first modern Olympics in 1896. Cool!! We finished our day by visiting the Ancient and Roman Agora's (marketplaces), then returned to the hotel to meet our Greek Island guide and go out for a group dinner. Excitement!!

Nomes says:
awesome photo.....
Posted on: Jun 28, 2006
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Me at The Temple of Olympian Zeus …
Me at The Temple of Olympian Zeus…
Temple of Hephaestus...seen from a…
Temple of Hephaestus...seen from …
photo by: Johnpro