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czechoslovakia karlvary
Let me Start with I married my Husband Robert of 17 years July 21, 1990. He was stationed Here at Ft. Lewis,washington. In October of 91. I boarded a Plane with my Daughter who was two years old. Headed to A far away place called Nuernberg,Germany. Our first stop on this journey was to Washington D.C. for an 8 hour lay over. Then to JFK airport in New york. From there we had a very long Bumpy,Tippsy,Turvy Make me sick flight To Frankfort,Gy. I Thought for sure We would crash, because of all the turbulance. Finally landed at the airport, found my hubby, and made a 2 hour drive to our new home in Nuernberg. It was a nice apartment on the 3rd floor. Nothing like I was used to. Took me a while to figure out how to open the patio door and the window's. It also took me a while to figure out how to sleep during the night. Jet lagg. I was also Informed that the little signs we saw from the airport to our apartment called Ausfahrt was not a town, but an exit. I don't know how to speak german or read it either. The autobaun was a trip. anyway we were stationed in Nuernberg for about a year, then we got transfered to a town called Wuertzberg, out side of Kitzingen.  Beautiful little town. Our apartment on the 2nd floor over looked a wine field to the right, and our daughters school straight ahead. While we were there we experianced the criskindle mart. A place where it is decorated for christmas. Beautiful ornaments, and the experiance of another culture. The Gluwine was great. like I said I don't read or write german, so If the spelling is wrong I am sorry. We went to the hard rock cafe. there, and also the red light districts. While there I was able to take to tours to Prauge Czech, and Carlvary Czech. Beautiful place, lots of crystal. The bridges were decorated with gold statues. and Going in the winter was great, cold and snowy. My husband and I would go to Austria with friends to see the nushwanstien castle,  Beautiful go if you get the chance.  And  take the the horse and carriage ride up and down it is extreamly steep. We also took my brother there, WE also got the chance to take my brother to Paris,France. The drive there was fine but remember to switch money before you go. Once in france we went throught the tunnel where princes Diana was killed. When we went through so did about 50 motorcycle cops with lights and siren's. The people there drive crazy and will litterally try to run you down. Don't get stuck in the traffic circles. France is a beautiful city. so is the iffel tower. and all the other places we went to. Like the louve musuem, and notre dame. to many other sites to write about. We had dinner in this nice little restraunt, sampled just about everything we could, but remember to make sure your credit card isn't scratched. Almost had to wash dishes or go to jail. The rooms are very small, and the hallways, and elevators even smaller. The sein river was beautiful especially at night. We also went to Chemsee to visit the eagles nest and heremchemsee castle. There is a great restraunt at the hotel, and great dance floor. This is in austria/Germany border. We also visitied the place where the sound of music was made. The hills are alive with the sound of music. So many sites and sounds, and scenery. So after my 2 1/2 years of over sea's. We were finally stationed back state side. By this time I was due to have my son in 3 months. We were stationed at Ft. Belvor,Va. for 6 months or so, then Stationed at Ft. Riley Kansas for 3 years, then Stationed inElpaso, Tx for 3 years, but husband recieved orders to go to saudi arabia, and korea. So Me and the kids came back to seattle.  Then back to Elpaso, Our final place of duty for me and the kids. Husband finally retired from Elpaso and followed us home 2 months later. So that's my story and I'm sticking to it. 
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czechoslovakia karlvary
czechoslovakia karlvary
photo by: diisha392