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So, after a two year hiatus, I am finally venturing out into new pieces of my Earth puzzle. As I currently reside in North America, It's quite easy to get to many new places as I've never been south of Mexico. Actually I've only been to a border town so...even there in Mexico, I do have much to see, but on with the story at hand.

My taxi was to arrive at 3:15am. You know I'm not a morning person but for travel and adventure, I do what I must. The driver called at 2:50 to say he was on his way. At 3:20 he wasn't there so at 3:27, I called as was met with, "Isn't he at your front door." I said "obviously no" as I was calling. Then the guy said that the other car had something happen on the turnpike and they had so send another car. I was not believing this after his first statement.

Needless to say, I called and was called back and it didn't seem that I was going to get to the airport. It was now 3:55am and I get a call from a woman....that I hadn't spoken to and she said " You ordered a car". I let her have it. So...keeping things short. a car arrived at 4:10am. I get in the car... they man is very appologetic and lost as he needs my assistance to get to the Mass Pike. There was construction in the tunnel so we had to exit and take upper streets to get to the airport....REALLY!!! I couldn't believe all of this.

Once at the airport and approaching the terminals, the other guy (I think I forgot to tell you there was another fare in the car when I got in. So, as we approach the terminals he speaks up and tells the driver that he expects that he will be dropped off first.

I speak up and say not a chance and that I am already a hour later than I wanted to be at the airport. My terminal is first and I expect to be taken care of first. He starts to give me flack and I tell him to just back off...he does. Then at the terminal, the driver tries to tell me the cost is $62. I tell him...not a chance, that the dispatcher told me $45-50 and with how late his company had made me he was lucky that I was willing to pay that much of it. He kept on but accepted the $50 and I raced inside to check in.

It was busy but I did get checked in and to the gate with 15 minutes to spare...lucky.

The flight was FULL! I was stuck on a row with two very large men. It was really uncomfortable for the three of us. This was obvious and the nice attendant offered to move me to a different row.

In the air and on my way...I pulled out the pillow and put on my face mask and went to sleep. It wasn't a peaceful or comfortable sleep but sleep it was.

In Miami, I had to get from one far end of the airport to the extreme other end and I already knew that my connection was leaving 45 minutes after my arrival...that's way too close. I made it to the gate and the chairs were empty. The man behind the counter spoke my name and I asked if I was the last person. He said yes and that they were waiting for me. He said he knew I had a trek.

This flight was much less full and I had a row to myself. We took off and I had infront of me sights that I hadn't seen before. I saw some of the remote Bahama Islands. I saw the beautiful coast of Cuba. After that, I was a bit lost as to what I was seeing. I think we crossed the Yucatan Peninnsula and it was a blur after that.


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Congrats on the featured blog, Brian!
Posted on: Oct 19, 2012
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