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Hey guys!  Everything is great here, I hope your summers find you the same.  Yesterday we visited "Caminito" en el barrio "La Boca."  It's a touristy place and a little sketchy if you wander too far, but fun just the same.  Its kinda the cultural center of "Boca Juniors," one of the two most popular futbol teams here.  Our "class" consisted of sitting around a cafe and discussing one of our books, I love it!  Monday begins our real classes at the university USAL, University of El Salvador (as in San Martin, "the savior," not El Salvador the country).  I have take a bus o el subte to class at noon (que temprano!)

Last night I went to an asado (a barbecue/grill-out of sorts) where I ate more beef than I have ever eaten at one time in my life!  I think I ate every edible part of a cow last night.  There was lots of vino (two glasses on an empty stomach had me a little woozy for bit!) and laughing and good times had by all (and then some drama due to the wine, none involving me gracias a Dios).  I made 3 great new friends:  Santi, Leo, y Douglas - tres argentinos.  It was a great cultural experience and I learned some good slang   ;) 

Today I didn't wake up until one because, though the door to our room opens to the outside, almost no light gets in and I thought it was about 10 o'clock.  My 3 roommates are fantastic.  Two chicos from Georgia Tech, JB y Brent, y el otro hombre es de Ecuador.  Se llama Mauricio y tiene 30 aƱos!  I went to the park to read, but did more exploring than anything.  Then I went to "Disco" to get some groceries - that was cultural experience as well.  I still have a very hard time understanding spanish spoken to me, especially when they don't know I'm a yankee (aparently people from the US are called "yankees" here, regardless of whether they're from the north or the south, gringo is used mostly in mexico).  The residencia provides 3 meals a day mon - friday, so I got some luncheon meat, bread, cereal, milk, and fruit to hold me over this weekend and maybe part of next.  The food during the week is fantastic!  The sweetest little (somewhat) old lady Anita cooks lunch (12 - 14) and dinner (20:00 - 22:00), yo voy a volver gordo! 

I have only had the residencia breakfast once, when I got back from a club at 5 in the morning (and it too was delicious).  The Argentine nightlife starts so late - we didn't even leave the residencia until 1:30 am.  The club was called "Lost" and on Thursday nights they play Hip Hop.  I danced and had a blast for a good 3 hours with some American, Argentine, and Dominican friends from the residencia.  I was so tired afterward that I had too cups of coffee with my pancakes con dulce de leche, fruta, cereal, y yogurt and still fell right to sleep afterward. 

After my trip to the grocery store today and two sandwiches for dinner (breakfast was some pastries and an empanada from Piccolo, a delicious bakery less than a block away), I went to the movies with some friends from the residencia - David (Domincan Republic), y Pancho, Joel, y Gonzalo (all Argentine).  We saw Mission Impossible 3, and it was in English!  I was surprised, I thought it would be dubbed or something, but it just had Spanish subtitles.  You would be amazed how many people speak english or at least some english here.  Andrea, a waitress my Mom and I met our first day here, learned all her english from the movies she said, and she could speak well.  I still have trouble understanding my friends when they're talking to each other, because its so fast, etc., but I get by alright. 

I came back tonight and called my stepmom Stacy real late because I thought there was a two hour time difference, apparently there's only one hour difference!  But it was good to finally talk to someone on the phone - dialing internationally is actually pretty easy and cheap once you figure it out. 

I have some stuff so finish up tonight and about 400 pages worth of reading to be done for next week so... thanks for reading, I love you all! 

P.S. - I will put pictures up soon, I haven't taken many yet.
breraps says:
Sounds like you are having so much fun...I love you so much and I miss you. And learn some extra spanish for me;)
Posted on: May 14, 2006
bderaps says:
Sorry I missed your call, sounds like you are having a Dad
Posted on: May 14, 2006
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