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So I was going to Mendoza this weekend...  There was a bus leaving at 11:30pm Friday, I would get there by about 6am, spend the day there, and catch the bus back Saturday night with a renewed visa, no problem!  One problem.  I was lazy and didn't go down to the bus terminal to purchase my ticket before hand, so when I showed up just a half hour before the bus, they were fresh out.  I met another guy there trying to get to Mendoza as well - turns out he's a sponsored snowboarder from France and was only in Santiago en route from Chillán to Mendoza (or a little skiing pueblo before Mendoza).  He didn't have a place to stay so I invited him to stay at my apartment.  It was a little out of character for me because I am normally a bit more cautious - I didn't know the guy at all, and he was a bit smelly (he spent his time in Chillán camping and he smelled of the fire), but hey I can definitely relate to that - how bad I smelled after my camping trip to the south!  So we found a bus back to my place, we ate the food I had packed for Mendoza, and had some really interesting conversation all the while.  He was "rough."  Not sure how to say it in other words, but that's the best I can do.  He has a passion for snowboarding, I even got to see a video of him doing it on his little video player (he has a video because he's sponsored I assume).  His name is Aurelian.  I've got his email.  He had some interesting stories to tell about alternative medicine - corporal energies, acupuncture, and the like.  Overall very fascinating and we talked for quite a while.  He showered and I made up the couch for him, hit the hay shortly after.  I woke up a 6, to make sure he was still there and hadn't made off with all the valuables in the house haha, woke him up at 7, had some tea, gave him directions on how to get to the bus terminal via metro, and he was on his way.  A very interesting encounter, I really liked it.  I love meeting people, people that are different from me, there are always things to learn, opportunities to grow, through others.
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photo by: Bluetraveler