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Soccer for 3 hours, TONS of fun, man!  I ended the match with a swollen toe and a bloody knee, but it really was a blast - 4 on 4 with me and 3 guys from the resi on one team and Kirk (our program director), my roommate Brent, and two other guys from the resi on the opposing team.  One of my other roommates, Mauricio, took pictures, but then jumped in and took David’s spot when he hurt his leg.  If I get any of the pictures from him today or tomorrow (we played at a rented indoor court on Sunday), I will be sure to post them.  Or you can just expect to see a picture of me bicycle-kicking on the front cover of the next issue of Sports Illustrated  =P 

Plans for the evening were difficult to formulate, so I just kinda went with the flow.  But I declined to go out with a group of people from my program because a) I’d rather go out with non-Americans, and b) they were going to Kansas, an American restaurant.  So instead mi amiga salvadoreña Carla y yo fuimos a un restaurante se llama Acabar to meet up with Jessica and some friends that I met last week at the first asado... man I love Douglas, Celina, Leo, and his wife!  They are some of the coolest people I’ve ever met.  They speak pretty good English, but I love practicing my Spanish with them (Carla is fluent).  After dinner Leo, his wife, and their son Julian left but the rest of us went to this sweet little bar called Carnal.  Carla and I had each already had at least 2 glasses of wine and were pretty “alegre”.  After a beer and a mixed drink, I was definitely pretty relaxed.  The company food, drinks and company were all incredible, what a great night. 

I’ve got 3 days of class this week, we get a long break to travel and am thinking about going to Mendoza (wine tasting and mountain climbing and rafting) or La Pampa or Patagonia or Códoba... vamos a ver.  :)  Ciao guys!  Love you!  -Derek
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