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Its 3 am and I'm in my hotel at Iguacu Falls!  Got in about 1:30, excited about having wifi in the lobby.  Tomorrow we're hopping over to Paraguay to do something or another, not sure to tell you the truth, but I hear they have cheap pot!  Just kidding, haha...

Note:  Parana is actually much farther west than its marked on the map when you zoom in.  Iguacu is actually right near the borders of both Argentina and Paraguay.

The rest of my time in Floripa was a blast, where did I leave off in my last entry?  Friday night I went out with some Brazilians I met.  I asked guys in my group if they wanted to come but they all declined.  I was supposed to meet them at UFSC (pronounced "oofskee" since Brazilians can't end a word with a syllable.  another fun one is "rock," which they pronounce "hockey" because r's sound like h's), but really had no idea how to get there.  As I said in my last entry, transportation is not as easy as in BA.  So I walked to the bus station, said "eu tenyo que ir a o oofskee, cual onibus eu uso?" to which they replied something the lines of "garble garble goblee gook" and pointed to a bus.  Understanding nothing but the point and that maybe I needed to change buses at some point, I hopped on the one they pointed to.  I actually got on the wrong side and they made me get off and get on the back, haha.  So I made it to a bus station and I recognized the name, Trinidad ("trinidadjee"), so I got off.  As I walked past a bunch of kids that looked about my age, I thought I heard "oofskee," so I asked them which bus to get on here to get to the universidadjee.  I understood them mais o menos but turns out of them spoke english, had a mom in New Jersey, so it worked out great, they were going there too so I just tagged along.  They were from Curitiba, where I'll be in about 3 days, so I got Gustavo's number and am gonna call him up when I get there.  Parted ways with my new friends and met up with Fernanda.  Her friends pulled up in a car:  Two hott Brazilian sisters who's first words were (in portugeuese), with cute little pouts on their faces, "where are all your friends" to which I only chuckled and thought to myself, man, how the guys from my group would be kicking themselves if they saw these two.  So we went out to the club, met up with some more of their friends and pregamed outside for a little.  The club was great!!  A live band played music ranging from The Beatles, tpoNirvana, to The Doors, even the Batman theme song!  All great classics and also some new stuff, really enjoyed it.  Stayed for a few hours.  One of the guys I hung out with that night invited me to his house for Churrassco (traditional Brazilian cookout, like an Argentine asado, delicious meat!) during the Brazil World Cup game on Sunday along with everyone else who was with us that night.  The sisters and Fernanda drove me home to my hotel, said I would see them on Sunday. 

Saturday was nice and lazy.  Worked on my homework a bit.  Went to bed at a decent hour. 

Sunday, plans changed a little bit because the girl who's house we were going to (the girlfriend of the guy who invited me) had to work.  So we got some churrasco at a fair and then went to Fernanda's friend's house for the equivalent of a football party in the US, a good time.  Johnny from my group was with me, almost started a fight after the game because a Brazilian guy touched him.  Rediculous.  Aggressive when intoxicated, had seen this once before in him.  I apologized to my Brazilian friends for my stupid friend and said we had to go, it pissed me off not because we had to leave (it was about time), but because of what it does to all those people's views of Americans.  I enjoy talking with people about America and discussing politics and cultural issues and improving the image of nation person by person as I meet them.  People generalize broadly.  One bad encounter with an American can leave a lifetime of thinking poorly about Americans, and the opposite is true, but not as easy.  Johnny started throwing all the nationalistic patriotic bullcrap at me about having to stand up for your country and not letting anyone push you around, he said he felt anti-american attitude's at the party.  He is full of it, its all about your personality and how open you are to others.  If you are so pro-American that you are hostile, then yes you will get dirty looks and bad feelings. 

But overall the day was a lot of fun.  Monday went to a different beach, Mole (moh-lay) - absolutely georgeous!  Picturesque and empty, with these cool huge rocks.  There was also a nude beach nearby, we went purely because it was more secluded and beautiful, I promise.  It was pretty much deserted, except for a few naked men in the distance.  I ran around naked for a bit.  JB, Brent, and I took a fun photo of our behinds, but I won't post it for your sakes, haha.  Monday night made some phone calls, did some work, woke up Tuesday morning, packed, got on the bus to Igauacu, and here I am!  :) 

Love you guys, peace  -Derek
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Puerto Iguazu
photo by: jeffy