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Hey guys!  Sorry its been awhile since I wrote an entry (almost a week, yikes!).  It has been a crazy (fun) past few days.  Wednesday was great - class was short and afterward we watched a match between Barcelona and Arsenal (an English team).  I rooted for Barcelona obviously (its Spain!), and they won.  I ordered a “capresse,” which I thought was some form of salad because it was on the list with all the other salad stuff... I was mistaken!  It was a plate of pieces of cheese with pieces of tomato on them, neither of which I am a big fan.  The beer was good though, a pint of (9%) in-restaurant-brewed Buller’s Honey Beer, which went straight to my head since I didn’t eat anything.  Later that night I went to “Señor Tango,” an amazing Tango show which included dancing Indians and gauchos on horses and hot Argentine ladies in lingerie doing the Tango and two free drinks (I tried Scotch, not a fan, but I am developing a taste for Argentina’s Malbec red wine).  Got back after 1 am and still had lots of reading to do, but managed okay!  I am going to Tango lessons on Wednesday of this week, can’t wait!  In case you you’ve never seen it, it is a beautiful, provocative dance that to me looks like a hyped of version of ballroom with lots of leg movement and cool little leg-flips (you know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever seen it).  The provocative side of the dance is part of its history as it started in Buenos Aires brothels before catching on and being refined in Europe.  I liked that the Tango show portrayed a little bit Argentine History - with gauchos (Argentine cowboys), indigenous people, prostitutes and haughty Europeans - all so appropriate because Tango represents a cultural extension of that complex and riveting history.

bethYork says:
Tango is so bad ass. The whole kicking between the legs thing is kind of scary though... I don't think we should try that seeing as our last dancing experience involved me kicking you in the head...
Posted on: May 25, 2006
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