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Colonia Roks!  <-- The name of a bar I went to in Colonia Uruguay over the weekend.  A small, quiet town, right across the river from BA, not much to do but very relaxing.  We stayed in a very nice “Hotel Italiano” - comfortable, cute (in a small Dutch Bed & Breakfast sort of way), heated indoor pool!  (Remember its winter down here, 30-50 degrees Fahrenheit-ish).  We came over in a “Buquebus,” basically a floating airplane - all the seats and décor were like an airplane, but... it was a boat.  Quite interesting, but comfy enough, no complaints here.  Had a tour when we got there, was nice and rainy.  Delicious dinner that night - Lomo in Mushroom sauce and a half bottle of wine (mostly before dinner... whew! was I feelin’ it).  Went to a bar a local recommended, packed!  I walked in, made eye contact with guy I thought I knew from the residencia (there was another group of study abroad students, from a diff program, in Colonia that weekend as well), being slightly intoxicated and very happy, I walked up to him and gave him a big hug!  He was pretty tipsy too and we were just laughin, then I realized I didn’t actually know the guy!  But its okay we introduced ourselves and turns out he was with the other group anyways, and I knew some of the people he was with, though the ones I didn’t thought I was gay, lol.  Went back to my GT peeps after a bit, Vicky and I split a Speed and Vodka drink, tequila shots, feelin’ good!  Hung out there for a while longer, great music, got even more packed, a great bar!  We left for a boliche (dancing club).  Was not even 1 am, nobody there.  Started picking up around 2.  Left by about 4.  Went back to the hotel, asked for a wake up call at 9 (breakfast ends at 10), drank lots of water, felt fine in the morning.  Wake up call.  Roll over.  Was a little late for breakfast.  Good food though.  Went down to the beach by myself - so peaceful and beautiful!  Got some great Nature Channel looking photos and videos of a line of Carpenter Ants.  Read for Monday classes.  Played fetch with bowser, a beautiful, friendly, incredibly smart dog I met on the beach.  Went to a market with Dillon and Johnnie, back to the hotel, read some more on the roof of the hotel, ice cream, buquebus to BA!  A nice, relaxing weekend.  This is my last week before I head off to Brasil (Saturday!), it’s gone so fast!  I am excited about Brasil though for sure. 

Oh ya, I got robbed!  On the Subte (subway).  It was packed, I had my wallet in my front pocket but my hands, holding my notebook, were over my head because it was so tight.  Once we got on, I told my friend Ryan to make sure he put his bookbag in front so no one stole anything.  A minute later I reached into my front pocket to hold onto my wallet... nothing there!  How ironic.  Ryan says he saw a girl get on with us, squeeze right past both of us, and get off on the next sto - a big huge hassle for her, crossing through tons of people, just to go one stop - somewhat conspicuous.  But then again I coulda just dropped it.  Wasn’t a huge deal.  Had 80 pesos (about 26 US) in there and two credit cards.  Got both of them cancelled right away, no extra charges, will have my BoA visa-backed debit card waiting for me at the front desk of the hotel in Brasil when I get there on Saturday.  I had some US dollars back in my room, just converted a bit to pesos for the rest of this week.  Driver’s license, Buzz card, Diver’s card - all easily replaceable.  Insurance cards - I’ve got photocopies.  Wallet - a sentimental gift from my sister several years ago that I really loved, oh well.  The pictures - sigh.  Overall, no biggie.  Crazy Buenos Aires!  I learned my first lesson, hopefully there won’t be too many more, haha  :)  

Ciao guys!  Love you!  :)  -Derek

coair says:
Gotta love you learning so much so fast! Be good!
Posted on: Jun 08, 2006
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